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3:55 p.m. - 2011-02-24
During the station break, this important message.

Wowzers. In blog years it's been nearly forever. I apologize if I missed anyone's big news, birthday, crisis, etc. Along with not writing I've not been keeping up with reading. I'm not wholly back yet either. It's my bi-annual opt-out. Not a flounce or a huff, just a vacation. With my men underfoot and an amazing amount of activity packed into the last week and (here's the slightly embarrassing admission part) getting sucked into a wicked marathon of Buffy on dvd, well, I've had a whole lotta busy.

It's not just you guys, I opted out of the world in general. No reading my emails from Obama, no slogging through Mother Earth, the NYT and the HuffPo. Everybody out there has/will continue to get along fine without my (*coff*) wonderful self tagging along.

In the interim there's been monthly meeting *during school vacation!* (complete with cutting out early because the building was evacuated for some demolition dealie on the roof),

shopping out the wazoo (I now own jeans!),

a movie (Unknown, is Liam Neeson allowed to make movies with more than one word titles anymore?),

the child in several bushels-worth of trouble- mostly adolescent jackassery- no police involvement (YAY!),

a daytrip to the Shore- because, yeah, I go to the beach in February, don't you?,

Monday's purchase and today's subsequent delivery and installation of my new stove (and dig me impressing the service crew with my uber-gringo Spanish! "Bonita! Cocina est muy caliente! Gracias!"),

Tuesday's lunch with MIL,

a President's Day snowstorm,

the sad saga of bad, bad, bad hair goes on- I've set a date for the cut- the Ides of March- (portentous, much?) and until then I'll continue to look like I have several dead gophers strapped to my noggin,

did I mention the Buffy watching?,

plus there's the usual crap like fighting with Mick, cleaning up dog barf, nightmares, grocery shopping, getting squicked by the emerging-from-hibernation stink bugs, banking, laundry doing, hondling with the ex over money and child tending, hot flashes, night sweats, clearance discount Valentine's candy eating, spring cleaning, staring-in-the-mirror-with-absolute-dumbfounded-horror-at-my-rapidly-expanding-jowls, sitting on hold for half a day hoping to speak with the account rep for my trust fund and screaming in anguish over listening to the muzak version of 'Baby One More Time' for four hours straight, programming my new cell phone (which is just a 2011 edition of my old phone- no droid yet, thankyouverymuch),

And…anyway, you get it…

Driving by and waving, "Hi!", ~LA The Off Duty

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