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1:18 p.m. - 2011-01-30
Cabin fever and its cure.

"When it's time to change you've got to re-AH-range who you are into what you're gonna be!"

(musical interlude courtesy of The Brady Bunch)

Yes, you're welcome for the evil earworm, fellow Brady-philes. Bwahahahahaha.

Though what's actually being changed here at Casa Sage is the bathroom. A small redecorating project to fight back the winter blues. And to hold me over until we can get to the BIG project of the spring- painting the kitchen and (trumpet fanfare) getting a new STOVE!!!!!! As the time nears I'm sure I'll bore you to snores with my endless drooling and ecstatic descriptions of my new wonder cooker, so I'll leave that go for now.

Today's project is far more modest. Mainly I'm making a curtain to go beneath the open countertop to provide more covered storage and thus cut back on the clutter and generally pretty things up in there a little. I bought enough fabric to make a valance of it for the shower curtain too. I considered using it to make a window curtain, but I love the nifty cotton lace panel that was left behind by the previous owners, so it stays. I also want to rearrange some of the artwork, after 8 years I'm sick of looking at that faux oil painting of a Paris street and the Currier and Ives botanical over the toilet has grown mildew inside the frame- out they go, the both of them.

It all started because the water pipe beneath the sink froze during that last brutal cold snap. To help it thaw I pulled all the stuff out from cabinet and left the door open. It worked, but rather than cram everything back in only to pull it all out again should we get another arctic spell the vanity cabinet's stuff has been stacked neatly beneath the open part of the counter. But neat doesn't necessarily mean it's worth looking at. The other day I'm sitting there unwillingly but helplessly re-reading the labels on all the bottles of this and boxes of that and was suddenly furious. Dammit! If I'm going to read in the john I wanted it to be my choice and something a heck of a lot more interesting than the safety warnings on the CLR and how absorbent my tampons are!

My original idea was to make a simple panel and attach it to the underside of the countertop's edge with double-sided tape. Something I'd done before with great success at the old house and two of my previous apartments. (Seems I'm doomed to be stuck with bathrooms with little to no storage and a lot of exposed pipes.) When I told Mick about my plan he suggested I go a bit fancier this time and use a curtain rod and a curtain that could be moved to one side to get at the stuff behind it easier. And (leave it to tidy germ-o-phobe Mick) be taken down for washing when needed. A good idea, actually, and one that would work just fine if I could find a spring-tension rod that was long enough.

We'd been planning to go out anyhow. A quick jaunt to the art store so I could spend some of my birthday money on bigger canvases to paint. There's a fabric store in the same plaza and the Walmart is just around the corner. (I try to avoid the mart of Wal but have no idea where else you can buy cheap curtain rods.) I ended up getting a thick pad of watercolor paper instead of canvases, I'll be freer with my experimentation if I'm not worried about blowing through expensive canvas. Then it was off to the fabric store.

You know what the ultimate in weird is? Browsing through hundreds of bolts of fabric and debating with your husband what exactly you want to look at while you're taking a crap.

Right? You tell me what could be weirder.

But we did it and finally found a neat checked plaid that goes perfectly with the striped shower curtain. Stripes and plaid? Yeah, it can work if the colors are right and the check is tiny enough. We also found a cheap tension rod of the correct length at the evil super-store. Cool beans.

Now to get off my duff, stop nattering, and get it done.

Yours, about to get all Martha on my unsuspecting bathroom, ~LA

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