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12:23 p.m. - 2011-01-29
And it's not even Valentine's Day yet.


Holy cats, do I feel better! Slightly more than 7 hours of dreamless, deep, and healing sleep! Boy howdy, Mick is in so much trouble tonight. Let's just say nookie hasn't been a priority recently while I dragged along with my sad, scared zombie self. But now I'm baaa-aack! Whee!

When Mick and I go out we always run into scads of his students. The district is huge and those kids turn up everywhere, even down at the shore! I joke sometimes and say Uber Sports School's kids are like cockroaches, just when you think you're rid of them there's another one. Current students and grads greet him with smiles and pounds and high fives, and since Mick's job is security he gets to know the stinkers and troublemakers pretty well. It's wonderful to see how kind Mick is to them. My favorites are the former stinkers who've gotten their stuff together and come to the good. They, especially, are eager to talk and boast a little about their doings now. Their faces light up when they speak of their jobs and acceptances into trade schools and the military. Pictures of girlfriends and babies and vehicles are flourished and the kids beam and beam when Mick gives compliments and says how proud he is of them. It's almost like Mick has a secret identity. Not that he isn't kind and loving at home, he is, but he rarely speaks of his work with the students and seeing how popular and respected he is, well it's really cool.

Yet oddly enough we rarely run into the adult staff. Most of them, especially the non-teachers like custodians and aides live local, but once the school day is over they disappear like smoke. Except for Mr Sweet the history teacher who lives down the road from us sighting any of Mick's fellow staffers is as rare as spotting a condor. I've met and chatted with one of Mick's best work pals maybe three times? Three or four. Once at a retirement party and the other times brief hellos at the mall. So I was surprised and pleased when Mick came home the other day and told me about a convo he'd had with his pal earlier. Dee was telling Mick her husband of 20 years had had the dimwitted gall to say to her from the comfort of his recliner that the carpet needed vacuuming. Apparently Dee gawped at him, gave her dim hubs one upside the head and told him to vacuum it himself if it was so bothersome.

Mick laughed and said he was shocked that Dee's husband could do such a thing. Mick, quite truthfully, said HE does the vacuuming in our house. Not only that but he believes it's his job to make my life as easy as possible in every way he can. It was Dee's turn to be shocked. Then thinking on it she said, "She does seem really happy, your wife. She's really nice too. Always smiling and saying nice things."

When telling me about it later Mick and I shared a conspirator's smile and talked about how dumb it was to NOT be your mate's best friend. Biggest fan. Most ardent supporter. Neither of us could understand why so many people treat their spouses way worse than they'd treat a stranger. I snorted and said the ex would drive 5 hours through a snowstorm to help someone he'd met once in a grocery line to move a piano, but that he'd refuse to pick his dirty socks up off the kitchen floor I'd just waxed. Feh.

Mick grabbed me up in a big squeezy hug and said that's why the ex was the ex and just proved that he (the ex) was the biggest jackass on Earth. "Still," he said, "If he hadn't been a fool I wouldn't have you now. Maybe I'll send him a thank you note for being such an asshole."

"Nah, he's not worth a stamp. But maybe you could give Dee's husband a few pointers before it's too late, eh?"

Feeling well rested, well loved, and worlds better, ~LA

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