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11:22 a.m. - 2011-01-03

Hello!! Welcome to the Sage Page the 2011 Edition.

Which, truth be told, will be exactly like the 2001-2010 editions. C'est la vie.

So far the new year and decade haven't had any surprises. Except for the annual surprise of my birthday suddenly looming large. Jan 21 always seems a hella lot closer after the turn of the year than it does even right before, like say on Dec 30th. Also kind of amazing, Alex will be turning 26 in two weeks. I'll have a 26 year old kid. This is far more astounding to me than my turning 48. Feels as though my life should be further along or be more accomplished now that my child will be on the downward slide toward 30. However, I do still have a spandy new teenager to keep me lively and my, my, my, isn't THAT a blessing? Heh.

Certainly there are millions of women who've accomplished much while also being mothers, but I don't feel it's too much of a cop-out to say that being the mother of these two particular children is a major factor in why I haven't had more personal success in other areas. In the choosing of my priorities I opted for the path that let me give them the best of me. Though when I think about my situation now with my sons I sometimes have a rueful laugh at myself and realize I could have been a selfish bitch and done all the things I wanted to and it all would have turned out pretty much the same. Kids are going to be who they are whether they are lavished with the tender hothouse care of exotic orchids or whether they're turned out into the yard to forage for themselves like feral cats. In the end nothing you did or didn't do matters a fig. I've known mothers who did everything right and their kids turned out to be druggies, thieves and utter wastrels and other mothers who barely knew their kids' names and those kids ended up doing just fine. Funny, no?

So listen to your Auntie LA, you anxious mommies out there. Put down the Baby Einstein video, turn off the Mozart, unplug the baby wipe warmer, quit the committee planning the kindergarten's graduation prom and banquet, tell the PTA to take a hike, and book a cruise with your husband or your lover or both of them if that's your bag. Life's too short and no amount of Mommy and Me jazzercise classes are going to change a fucking thing. Your kids will succeed or fail as they will despite, hell, to spite you.

Older and somewhat wiser, ~LA

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