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3:40 p.m. - 2010-12-29
A is for Awful. B is for Boogers. C is for Crappy Cold.


It's been a while, I know.

To backtrack, I hope everybody had a terrific Christmas. Mine was the usual mixed bag of wonderful, terrible, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Major emphasis on the heartbreaking. But not wanting to be a drag I kept it to myself, so many of you sounded like you were having a wonderful time and I so didn't want to be a Debbie Downer. All shit rolls downhill eventually; better to be quiet until it does and I can jump back in again with some funny and/or pleasant stuff to talk about.

And here I am.

Thrilled, ain'tcha? Yeah, I can hear the delighted gasping and kvelling from here. "Look! Look! Look! An update from LA!!!! OMG! I am soooooo happy I didn't drop off her notify list!"


Truth be told Mick and I have been sharing a HORRIBLE cold. And have been since Christmas day. So not fair considering I just got over one and that he's on vacation. But it is what it is. At least Wolf hasn't come down with it and it's only the grown-ups who've been staggering around weak as kittens, running boogers, and coughing hard enough to spring a few ribs.

Today was the first day I've felt well enough to leave the house since Christmas. I went to Shoprite and a did a Very Necessary Shopping. OTC cold meds, the building blocks of dinner (meats, veg, starch), sundries, plus lunch stuff since the men are here all day instead of being fed at school, and some &%*$# tampons.

No worries, the ablation has helped tremendously, but your humble narrator is still riding the cotton pony with appalling regularity. I can just imagine after all these years of my menstrual TMI that when (if?) I ever finally go through the Change someone will start a Facebook page about it. "Click here if you're glad LA is finally off the rag!" Heh. Betcha that would get a few hundred fans.

While I was at Shoprite I ran into myself. No, not with my shopping cart, sillies. I mean while I was waiting in line at the deli a woman began to chat me up. About my age, this woman was amusing and friendly. She engaged me in a random happy convo just as I've done dozens and dozens of times with others. I was glad enough to chat, but was trying to keep my distance and thus my plague germs to myself. Bad enough I was out in public with my infectious self, but to smite a lovely woman who could be that witty about cheese…well, that'd be criminal indeed. The chatty woman and I had a few nice exchanges then ham and muenster in hand I bade her farewell and wished her and the deli clerk a Happy New Year. And barreled off to cough all over the salad bar. (I kid. I coughed on the olive bar.) [Kidding again, I did my level best to keep all my germs to myself and never went near any of the self-serve foodstuffs].

I spent a little more than anticipated but now have on hand all the basics and extras needed to concoct decent meals for a good long while. Trust me, doped up as I am on Robitussin and a lack of useful oxygen thanks to my stuffy nose and phlegmy lungs I'm keeping the menus simple. No bacon en flambé this time. Promise.

A tissue jammed in each chapped swollen nostril and waving wanly, ~LA

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