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1:46 p.m. - 2010-11-23
Eleven Good Things

Be gone, Ms Sour Face! Shoo!

11 Good Things

1) I'm hoping there will be a largish number in the above header when I'm through. As I type this there's no number at all. I'll count up at the end and jam it in there. Therefore Good Thing #1 is the anticipation of having lots of good things to list.

2) The love letter waiting in my inbox this morning. A lovely heartfelt letter with a quote from Sophocles and words sweeter than honey. Yes, goofballs, the letter was from my husband. Like bad perms, loud cars, and terrible music, infidelity seems to be a pursuit of the young. And, of course, those pathetic ones who stupidly want to try to recapture youth. Me? One of the things I'm enjoying most about middle-age is never wanting to be naked if front of anybody but Mick ever again.

3) The new laptop on my dining room table. It is charging as we speak. I've done most of the initial set-up chores, for me this means ridding it of all extra tool bars, icons, and fripperies. I like things simple and clean on my machines.

4) The new laptop is also plugged into the wireless network. A rather arduous task that tried my patience and ate up the better part of my morning. First I had to speak to some woman in Mumbai, which honked me off. Then after much miscommunication and aggravation finally she put me through to a guy here in the States who was able to get my uncooperative machine to accept the password.

5) Last night's anniversary dinner. Mick, Wolf and I toddled off to our favorite Mexican place to feast on chips, queso, enchiladas and fajitas. We ate like toddlers, me especially. Should I be of a mind to I could probably gnaw a decent snack off my shirt, there's that much spilled refried beans, mole, and salsa on it. There's a little frozen margarita soaked into one sleeve too. Why so sloppy? Just 'cause. I only had the one margarita so it wasn't like I went face first into my plate. Mostly I think it's because we were trading bites of things and handing plates around and eating with the happy abandon of piggies. We laughed a lot, made horrible food related puns, teased Mick about his previous adventure there and his run-in with the habaneros, and were glad of each other.

6) The dishwasher is still broken, but otherwise the kitchen is ready for Thanksgiving. I cleaned the stove and fridge yesterday. For the meal itself the prep work is minimal, mostly making and baking pies tomorrow. I'll likely do a test run with a sweet potato too. To get a better idea of how much time they'll need. I'm planning to nuke them until nearly done and then finish them off in the oven with brown sugar, butter and spices. I've always made canned sweet potatoes before and doing them whole in their jackets is new to me. But I'm trying to blow myself out of my beloved T-day menu rut and tweaking how I cook the sweet potatoes seems safe enough. I'm also foregoing the usual string beans in favor of pan-wilted spinach- a big fave of Mick and MIL.

7) Since I brought it up- the menu at Casa Sage 2010.
Crudite and crackers with fromage blanc. Roasted turkey. Mashed potatoes. Roasted sweet potatoes. Corn. Spinach. Sautéed mushroom medley (tons of garlic in that one). Lingonberry sauce. Jellied cranberry sauce. Olive and pickle plate. Crescent rolls. Turkey gravy. For dessert there's pie, lots of pie. Pumpkin, blueberry, apple (from MIL) and chocolate cream pie in a graham cracker crust. A domestic white zin, and two varieties of Argentine wine- both whites also. Red wine gives me hives.

8) Wolf's report card. All A's except for a B+ in math. All his teachers had good things to say. His social skills are way up and his behavior issues are way down. Still on track to re-enter district school next year. YAY!

9) Got the official lien release on Mick's truck. Except for the mortgage we don't owe nobody nothin'. It's a very good feeling. Took a long time, a lot of hard work, and more than a bit of sacrifice, but finally up to speed on being debt-free and only having our current living expenses to keep up with. Barring any major disasters we should be just fine now.

10) Princess is all better. Her leg is healed and when let outside she lives up to the Sheltie half of her heritage and is back to tear assing around trying to herd the deer and squirrels. Let's just hope she doesn't try to herd any more skunks.

11) Duck egg and goat cheese cheesecake for lunch. The last of the wee cheesecakes GBW gifted me with on Sunday. Soooo yummy. Mick's gone goony over them and I let him have the majority of them, but saved one for me. I'll be a good girl and eat my vegetable soup first and wash it down with the new mixed herb tea I put together in hopes of taming my wayward menopausal nuttiness. I don't know if it helps yet, but it sure tastes good. Especially with cheesecake.

Soup's on! ~LA

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