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10:21 a.m. - 2010-11-10
Real Bad. Fake Good.

My evenings have been busy with family and cooking and yeah, farting around with my Sims (more about them in a bit). During the day it's difficult to write anything because of the noise from next-door. Not the building noise, except for that horrible 'BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!' warning siren of heavy trucks and equipment when in reverse, the sound of work doesn't bother me at all. Saws, hammers, the assorted crashes and bangs are almost soothing. Some of the happiest memories I have of being very little and being with my Da are from when he'd take me to the building sites with him. No, what's getting to me is there's been a change in the crew working over there and instead of blasting the oldies all day (and giggling over the one guy who always sang along) the new guys listen to right-wing talk radio all day and even above the repellant subject matter itself, the angry anxious relentless yarp yarp yarp of hosts and guests alike is annoying as all hell. My goodness! How can they be THAT angry all the time? It's weird, if I tune out the words and just listen to the tone of the voices I can hear a frightened insulted bewildered undertone from all of them. They're SCARED. And they're so mad about being scared! No wonder they hate anyone who disagrees with them. Beneath all their ugly ranting is the furious panicked fright of a 6 year old lost at an amusement park.

"I want my MOMMY! I want my safe world back! I hate it here! I'm lost and scared and that is making me SO MAD! You make things safe and familiar for me again right NOW! I don't know what to do! I can't manage out here ALL BY MYSELF! Not fair! Mommy!"

And those frightened lost grown children will glom onto anybody who tells them it'll be okay again when they get rid of the nasty mean people who are to blame for making their safe familiar world go away.

You can't reason with people who are that afraid. You can't lay out sane arguments or outline plans that take time, they want it all better NOW! Unfortunately nothing can make it all better right away, and there's some choice about what exactly 'better' might be anyhow. So those poor panicked fools grab onto the first rope thrown their way and when the guys hauling the rope take them further and further away from the shore and safety they get even more frightened until all they can do is cling fiercely onto the rope and pretend to believe they're being saved. They know they're not, but now they're halfway out into the middle of the ocean. If they let go now they're dead for sure.

I'd be tempted to let them drown, those foolish rope grabbers, but truth is they're taking us all down with them. We're all going to drown and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

So, might as well play The Sims.

I downloaded a couple of upgrades and patches from EA Games that added some very cool new features. My favorite is how when designing a new Sim there's much more flexibility to the body modifications. They've added things like muscle definition and contouring and adjustable breast size. With the new mods instead of building Sims who sort of look like me and Mick, I'm now able to make really funny and accurate miniatures of ourselves. The new LA Sim has huge sweater puppies and my round pumpkin face and the new Mick Sim is a hulking behemoth with rippling muscles and no neck. I haven't decided whether they'll have kids yet. Just like in real life the combo of Sim Mick and LA DNA might be pretty fricken scary looking.

We've talked about it sometimes. What a kid of ours might have looked like. We dream shop through our various features and end up with a daughter who looks just like me only with Mick's curly black hair. Which, false modesty aside, would be a dynamite combo. But when playing DNA roulette our poor daughter might have ended up being built like Mick and have my crappy hair. Our dream child is always a girl too. Just a feeling we had. We also have a name for her, Scarlett. Yes, I know. But it's irresistible. Hey, a dream child can be named and look like anything, so why not? Another component to my fascination with The Sims.

Addicted to happy endings and the idea of a peaceful life my Sims are always designed for maximum success and happiness. Mick's always after me to whomp up a loser of a Sim who's ugly and mean and gets into fights and fired from his job and then I let him starve to death or drown in the pool. But that's his shtick. Me? I know how much real life sucks, in the universe I'm in charge of everyone is good to each other and they all work hard, love their kids, keep clean and pretty homes and make gorgeous art.

What else is playing pretend for if not to make it the way you always wish it could be? ~LA

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