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12:51 p.m. - 2010-10-29
Ups and Downs of Many Kinds

As I begin this D-land is working in a half-assed way, main site up, individual diaries down. Whatever. Andrew always gets his stuff together eventually.

Yesterday I fell UP the stairs. Caught my toes on the lip of the topmost riser and down I went onto the hardwood floor of the upstairs hall. Wracked the hell out of my left elbow, skinned my forearms and have shadowy stripes of bruise beneath each kneecap and again at mid-shin. This morning my elbow is achy, but that's the worst of it. Won't take long for everything to fade, it didn't get as colorful as I feared it might.

I'm grateful, my last adventure with stairs was at the old house. That was a tumble down and netted me a trip to the ER, a concussion, stitches, a chipped collarbone, and a face so battered Mike got dirty looks from strangers for months afterward. Which, in retrospect seems kind of funny, but I remember being quite indignant on his and my own behalf at the time. I wanted to wear a sign saying, "NO! My husband did NOT do this to me! And thank you so very much for thinking I'm stupid enough to stay with a man who would!"

The other thing I'm grateful for was realizing how seldom I fall down these days. As I started to fall I had time to think, "I'm falling! Shoot! I'm really out of practice at this!" Amazing how much energy I have for keeping my bod healthy now that I'm not struggling back against 68 atmospheres of stress pressure all the time. Living in that hellish marriage to Mike was literally killing me. So, heh, I guess in a perverse way my husband DID do that to me and yeah, I WAS stupid enough to stay with him for waaaaaaaay too long.

Time and other considerations make it imposs for me to go to DC this weekend for Jon Stewart's rally. Disappointing, but I'm consoling myself by going to a fundraiser for John Hall on Saturday night. And am very stoked that Bill Clinton will be there. As of now the only President (current or past) I've ever seen in the flesh is Gerald Ford. Whoop-dee-doo.

Mick is no fan of Bill, mostly because Mick thinks Clinton should have just told the press and the GOP to fuck off instead of subjecting himself and us to that shameful Lewinski mess. I like Bill Clinton, but heartily agree with Mick. If only he'd told them to get stuffed! "I'm the President and what I do with my penis is none of your goddamn business. Take a hike, you witch-hunting buttheads. I, and you, have a country to run here. Get back to work!"

If only he'd done that life now would be so, so different. It's for damn sure we would have been spared W. Just think! No 9-11. No quagmire useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan! No "Root hog or die!" free-for-all on Wall St. No letting New Orleans drown and then rot. No corporate puppets on the Supreme Court unleashing the forces of evil into our now wholly corrupted election process. Sarah Palin would still be up in Alaska stealing from the state treasury and whatever other slimy little scams she and her turd of a husband came up with. Probably no fricken Tea Baggers either.

If only Bill Clinton had had some balls about his dick.

Sigh... ~LA

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