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1:18 p.m. - 2010-10-28

Gads, I lost a day. Technically I gained a day because I was SURE today was Friday. Even yesterday I was dead certain today was Friday. It's not, it's Thursday. And now I'm all kerfloodled from being off a day and how it's set everything all sideways. My menu planning. My budgeting. My marketing. The carefully plotted out consumption of my personal goodies based on being able to get refills for the goodies today (Friday- payday) and now it's still the day BEFORE payday and I'm having to be pinchy and parsimonious instead of easy breezy relaxed about when exactly I can crack open that last lonely can of Diet Coke.

I know, I know, not the end of the world. But dagnabbit, I hate being this bubble-brained.

Sure, everybody has those days when it feels like a different day of the week. You're at the office coffee machine on a random Wednesday morning and say to the other caffeine fiends, "Dang, it sure feels like a Monday." And they'll all nod. Everybody knows that one. However, the certainty I had about today being Friday and all the planning I did based on that erroneous certainty is making me feel like a big old dope.

Menopause Muddle strikes again.

I'm going to cut myself some slack, if possible, because thanks to a deft and canny bit of financial wizardry and a small dollop of generosity (*coff* Mama's very own private investment account) I've not only pulled us out of the tailspin, I've finagled the budget around so we are now comfortably back in the black and with some discipline can remain there fairly well. No trips to the Riviera or anything. Hell, two new tires for the Escort are this quarter's big spending spree. But going over the books with Mick last night and after running the numbers he bust out in a huge relieved grin and gabbled on for a while over how wonderful it was to have that money monkey off our backs.

Until hooking up with Ms Tight Fist Bottom Line my man's financial life had been feast or famine. Living within a budget was NOT in the skill set. When he had it he spent it crazy fast and when he didn't he fumed and growled but never seemed to learn. It's been a curious thing to me that this guy who is so very tidy and disciplined in pretty much every other way was such a budget bobo. The cars are always up to date on their registrations, inspections, and oil changes. He can always lay his hands on the important papers. Changes his contacts on the first of the month. Knows how many miles he's ridden on his bike. His den is a marvel of organization and clean comfort. (A stark contrast to my magpie's nest of an office, especially.) He never forgets doctor's appointments or birthdays or anniversaries and remembers well enough beforehand to buy a card and get it mailed on time because he's got his address book up to date and always has stamps.

But plan a budget and stick to it? Nope.

Fricken weird as all hell. Though I suppose the same can be said of me in reverse. Not knowing what day of the week it is, a prime example. I've also never sent a birthday card that wasn't of the belated variety. Formerly I only had my car inspected after a nice cop pointed out it had been expired for 8 months already and made a polite suggestion I get it taken care of. Before I started cutting it myself it was only my hairdresser Zee's love and friendship that kept her from firing me as a client, so many appointments did I miss. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Just another way Mick and I seem to be ideally suited for each other. Thanks to Mick's diligence I don't get finger wagging warnings from amused police officers over my car's out of date bona fides anymore and with some help (and gentle bossiness) from me Mick is bringing his wayward spending into line.

It works. ~LA

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