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1:10 p.m. - 2010-10-24
A Hard Ass and A Jackass

Lord help me, I'm letting Mick take Wolf to see 'Jackass 3-D' tonight.

What? Ms Mental Nutrition is okaying a prurient, slimy, moronic movie wholly devoid of ANY value and it's rated R to boot?

Yeah. Sometimes what's bad for you is just what you need.

LA, nobody ever needs to watch dwarf tossing and idiot child-men setting each other's genitals on fire.

No? Ever been a 13 year old boy? A boy whose mother is like the fricken QUEEN of Do The Right Thing, Be Healthy and Well, Morally Uplifting Sermons, and Eternal Watchdog of Wholesomeness?

My kid, and for that matter, my man need a spree. A vulgar belly-laughing totally delicious in its very stupidity fun fest of extreme dopiness.

And I can't watch that crap. I'd spoil the joy of it, I know I would. So off they'll go, on their own to whoop and high five and be free. Free to be guys.

My son, despite the so far hairless angelic face, is a guy. Or is in the process of becoming one. He's a good person too. Loving and smart. If one crappy stupid movie is the undoing of him then something is seriously amiss in the universe.

I'll tell you something, after the way things turned out with my marriage to Mike and how bloody awful things are with Alex, I've gone too far in the other direction. I've become so scared of screwing up, so anxious that I'll blow it again, so busy trying to get every single thing right about how I raise my younger son and help mold his character that I've lost my perspective.

Enter Johnny Knoxville. He's the cinematic version of ice cream and cake for breakfast. 'Jackass' is burping the alphabet. It's scratching where it itches and laughing hysterically over farting contests.

Tonight's movie is an hour and 34 minutes of what, in my anxiety and motherly piety, I have forgotten how to do.

I do not expect one silly movie to offset my years of dogged dedication to all things Good. Or completely lift the onus of anxious morality I've unconsciously put on my poor guys. It's just a night out. A break from the grim slog I've made of Life lately.

But it's a start.

Hanging up my halo for a while, ~LA

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