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12:37 p.m. - 2010-10-19

I have some things to say about those dopes convicted of terrorism yesterday, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Right now I'm still trying to put my thoughts together about that horrible charade, along with messy thoughts about several other things which are swirling through my life at the mo' and thus mucking with my head and I cannot be cogent or concise this morning.

So why not just shut up and come back later?

Good question. I'll add it to the queue.

In the meantime…

I cleaned off my desk yesterday and was able to mostly fill a tall kitchen trash bag with the bumpf. That's how messy my desk was. And it's still not all tidy. My things, they overwhelm me. Meds, make-up, dvds, jewelry, stationery, various USB cords, potion ingredients, books, grooming tools, feh. I could probably find a better place for my 3-D glasses though.

Can't wait until Halloween is over. Funny thing for a witch say, eh? But it's not the holiday that bothers me, it's the stuff that comes with it. Mostly adverts for scary movies and all manner of other creepy crap both on the TV and the net. No, I do NOT want to zombie-fy my profile pics, thanks. So please stop showing that icky pic of that zombie baby. Blech. You, Dorney Park, enough with that guy jerking around in the electric chair and the one with the chainsaw dripping blood. No one here will be going to your Haunted House and I'm tired of your commercials for it. Far be it from me to say an amusement park can't squeeze a few more bucks out of the place before winter shuts it down, it's just I hate, hate, hate gruesome stuff and your ads are totally gross.

I think ALL of that stuff is gross. I do not understand why so many people like it. Slasher movies. Blood, guts, gore, hurt, pain, sadism, I truly don't get it. I know I'm in the minority on this. But I am about lots of things that the general public seems to adore so I'm used to it. Also if it makes me weird because I don't enjoy dismemberment and cruelty, even that 'fake' shit, then I'll gladly cop to being a weirdo. I'll just chalk it up with all the other stuff I do not understand about my species and its delight in death, bigotry, religious intolerance, reality TV, country music, toilet humor, and being more afraid of knowledge than ignorance.

Outta here in a little while for my post-op consult. Everything down there seems to be doing really well and I'm certain the doc will green light some things I've been missing- like going to the gym and sex. Obviously the latter more than the former, I'm weird but not completely crazy, however, I do like the mental and physical goodies that come from working out. I also miss my MIL. Though we're getting together for dinner tonight and that's a Good Thing.

Guess that's all for now. ~LA

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