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1:19 p.m. - 2010-10-12
It's pretty, oh so pretty.

Though it be a Tuesday, it's Monday in my mind. I do hope that most of you got the 3 day weekend and were able to get out and do something yummy. Here in southern New England, um, downstate NY, um, the outland suburbia of the Big Apple, shit… ah! Here in the Hudson Valley it's THE Magic Time.

(Please excuse my geographic confusion. I know where I live, honest. It's just a bit difficult to name it properly so those who aren't familiar with it understand the sheer gorgeousness of where I call home. 'The Hudson Valley' means doodly to most folk, but if I say 'New England in the fall' everybody understands.)

So yes, here in the Hudson Valley it's THE Magic Time. Postcard perfect time. Trees aflame. The road edges frosty purple with wild asters and thistle. The geese pull each other southward in long Vs across impossibly blue skies. Except for a few bleak weeks at the draggle end of winter, there isn't a time when my home isn't beautiful. But now is when it's at its best. And despite the stresses and grumbles in my life right now I can't be anything but glad to be here.

Even if you love the seashore or the stark arid beauty of the high desert or citified concrete canyons I challenge you to say THIS and THIS and THIS don't knock you over.

Hard to believe it's coming up on a year already, and the non-wedding will probably always grieve me a little, but while I'm showing off pics of the neighborhood, THIS is where Mick and I got married. We whooped it up big and drove a whole 5 minutes to get there. It's where the town Justice of the Peace lives. 5 minutes from home, 5 minutes to say, "I do" and sign the paperwork. As you can see, no trouble or expense were spared. (*snort*)

Uf dah, before I go off into a funk I'll change the subject.

To something way more pleasant…moldy laundry.

Mick took over yesterday, processing more of the mess, though I am still The Folder of Record. I don't mind, just having him scoop up the last of that icky stuff and run it through the machines was a nice break.

Also a nice break and change of pace, this morning I woke up badly from a rough, rough night at the mind cinema and instead of doing my usual (either huddling in my chair playing idiot word games or frantically trying to outrun the residue with exhausting bouts of housework) I checked on the pets, went to the can, and after some browsing on the shelves settled back into bed with a couple of the silliest, most giggly movies I could find on VHS. I can, of course, watch dvds on my computer, but the video machine in the bedroom does both dvd and VHS and it'd been a while since I'd popped in one of those moldy oldies. This morning's double feature: 'Clue' and 'Revenge of The Nerds'. If Tim Curry as Wadsworth the Butler and the mega-geeks of Tri-Lam couldn't bust me loose then nothing could.

They could, and did.

The Guilt Fairy wanted to give me a rash of shit about lounging around in bed until 11:00am, but I told her to take a hike. The world wouldn't fricken end if I took the morning off and did myself a kindness.

And see? It didn't! Or maybe it has and I just haven't gotten the memo yet.

In any case, if you need me I'll be out in the yard collecting pretty leaves and chestnuts to make a lovely seasonal centerpiece for the table. ~LA

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