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5:56 p.m. - 2010-09-22
Snippety snippet

I want to do one of those snippet entries, snippets- more than a bullet point list, less than an entry each. But always before when I've tried it either I didn't have enough snippets* or every one of them wanted to be a whole entry of its own.

*The reason I stick with this layout is to encourage a 650 word minimum. My neurosis about leaving a whole lot of blank white space is useful, a little punishing but useful. To change to a scrolling style layout where the length of an entry is moot would solve the blank white space issue, but would dink with my writing discipline. So.

Ever notice how few mommyblogs there are by mothers of teenagers? Mothers of teenagers write about their kids, of course, I do. But I'm talking about mommyblogs- the kid-centric, pic heavy, videos galore, all about the fascinating clever activities and cutie things little Dunstan and Salome say kind of blogs.

Is it because once Dunstan and Salome hit middle school they cease to be the wonder children of the second coming and just become ordinary obnoxious half-grown humans? That 14 year olds don't often wear pirate hats in the bathtub? And if they do would anyone really appreciate their mom taking video of it and posting it in her blog? Or is it that the moms themselves get over the need to document every spontaneous dance recital in the living room and pearl of malaprop wisdom falling from her precious's lips? That after over a dozen years in the mom trenches it's stopped being an adorable adventure full of finger puppets and healthy snacks and became sort of boring? Perhaps the kids themselves finally say, "God, Mom! Put down the damn camera, get out of my bedroom and stop telling everybody all my private stuff! It's humiliating."

Some of each, I'm guessing.

I did another bad bleach job last week. It's not me, it's the crappy stuff I used. Since I bought the commercial sizes of the bleach stuff (powder and glop) I've felt obligated to use it all up. But it works so poorly and the resultant color is so not what I want, no matter how I mix and apply it and how long I let my scalp sear, I finally gave up. I'm never using that crap again. Instead of trying to whiten my horribly yellow hair with a better product I went with a dark color. A deep ash brown that looked like it might come out looking like my natural color when applied over that miserable duckling yellow. It does, mostly. Darker actually than what grows out of my head to be honest and that's very weird. In 43 years of coloring my hair I've NEVER gone darker. Not even during my goth years. All black wardrobe, corpse white kabuki make-up with red lips and super-long, super blonde hair. Yup, Goth Barbie.

The dark hair is odd yet not terribly unflattering and I think I like it, but I'm going to have to give it a couple days to be sure. I did the dye job this morning and am startled every time I pass a mirror. Wolf got home a few minutes ago and went, "Whoa, Mom! That's…um…new." Yeah, time is what's called for here.

Major disappointment! Okay, really a middling disappointment. The weather turned off very hot this afternoon and I turned the a/c back on. Of the six utility bills a year (we're billed bi-monthly, obviously) the two I dread the least are the late spring and early autumn ones. The times of the year when we rarely use the climate control. The open window time. To have to turn the a/c back on is a bummer. I suppose I didn't have to, but when it comes to hot weather we are not a family of noble sufferers.

Thanks for all the well wishes and good suggestions about my upcoming surgery. Right now it's still more of an abstraction than reality to me. I'm sure as it gets closer to the time to go under the knife I'll get more wound up and anxious. Should make life easier on the other side though, thus worth the anxiety beforehand.

I didn't know that LASIK was stinky! Ugh. Another negative against my having it done. The others being worry about constant dry eye and ending up with even worse night vision. I don't know anyone who's had vision correction surgery who was unhappy with the final results, but my desire to be rid of my glasses hasn't ever gotten stronger than my worry about complications. Now I find out you can smell your eye being lasered…ew.

And yes, Dichroic was correct. I've never had any dental work done where the drill made my teeth smoke. I'd heard such stories but always assumed they were the tall tales of dental wussies.

Learn something new every day.

Gonna go model my newly brunette coif for my husband. Hope he likes it. ~LA

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