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4:44 p.m. - 2010-09-21
Nummy Num!

In the words of Billy Preston, "Here we go 'round in circles."

Wowzers, I have made the exact same loop between here and Malltown twice today. Plus while in Malltown did smaller loops over the same roads there a few times too. Not from excess ditziness or menopause muddle, it was just the nature of today's errands. Things dropped off and retrieved later on. Leaving the gym to hit the bank and then back past PF to go to the other places. I believe I'm home to stay for the rest of the day, but this may change if the child springs one of those, "Oh yeah, tonight is Open House/Science Olympiad orientation/Gotta Be There or Die!" surprises on me. Though Wolf is actually pretty good with giving adequate warning. Alex was much worse (or better, depending on view) at the last minute "Mom! You Gotta…!" thing. Alex was the king of casually announcing at dinner his term project was due the next day and after blithely ignoring the deadline for the previous 8 weeks was suddenly in dire need of purple pipe cleaners, a book on Admiral Nelson and a freeze-dried elk carcass before 7:30am or he'd flunk.

And yeah, Schmuck Mom always came through. In some ways subsequent children don't always make out better than the eldest child. If Wolf pulled that crap I'm far more likely to say, "Tough noogs, kid. You had 8 weeks to do this project. Lack of preparation on your part in no way constitutes an emergency on mine. Guess you're going to flunk this one. Let this be a lesson to you." Unless, of course, I already happened to have some purple pipe cleaners, a book on Admiral Nelson and a freeze-dried elk carcass just lying around, then he's in luck. Otherwise, tough titties. My days of midnight runs to Walmart to procure elk carcasses are over.

The gym was rough today. My lifting was for shit. Ab workout was strong, but my upper body routine stunk. And I hopped off the treadmill with a 1/10 of mile left to go, just didn't have the juice to go the whole way. Partly because I've spent the last couple nights on the couch. Mick's fall allergies have kicked in big time and the snoring is immense. Mostly, though, it's because my uterus knew the end was nigh and decided to throw one last surprise party for me. Started Sunday and has gotten steadily heavier ever since. Should have known that cranky baby bag of mine wouldn't go out easy. The ablation and assorted tumor removal surgeries are scheduled for Oct 4th and the thought I won't ever have to go through this mess ever, ever again makes me giggly and light-headed with relief.

I will admit the idea I am basically having my uterus cooked into submission is kind of grossing me out. I'm going to be awake during the procedures and am really, really hoping the cooking process doesn't smell. A possibility which didn't occur to me during the initial pre-op discussion. At the time I was far more concerned about having to be knocked out cold with general anesthesia. I've had two generals and both were horrible experiences. The surgeon assured me I could get some happy drugs and an epidural instead and I was so pleased I didn't think to ask about any kind of icky consequences of being awake. Like smelling parts of my body being seared past well-done. Might put me off browning my pot roasts for years afterward.

My, my, bet you're just delighted to have that bit of TMI in your heads now, eh?

Eeeeew! Heh. ~LA

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