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3:55 p.m. - 2010-09-18
You know who you are, you twat.

*sniff sniff* "Boo hooey hooey hoo!" I've been de-friended by someone on FB.

Someone who: A) Asked to friend me in the first place. B) Cheats on her husband, yet maintains she is the aggrieved one in the relationship. C) Sucks off the decent living provided by said 'horrible' husband who gives her many pets {dogs and horses, etc}, and her toiletries and food and her ungrateful belly and miserable self a roof over her head and a more than above-standard lifestyle. D) Has admitted she holds the husband in utter contempt. E) Bitches endlessly about how 'hard' her life is. E) Blithely ignores that she is by any definition a prostitute. F) Fricken lives for the bullshit and self-aggrandizing drama she feeds off {besides her cuckolded husband's wallet, of course} and can't stop making big honking soap operas out of the most minor of things. G) Is a huge racist and Sarah Palin supporter.

Excuse me while I faint from the surprise that this humongus, drama-loving, user, redneck, cheater, prostitute objects to being told some cold hard truths about the way she conducts herself and has made a big fucking deal about how misunderstood and abused she is.

Gadzooks, is there anything more pathetic than one who holds herself so pure and holy and victimized, yet refuses to live any kind of honorable decent life? Especially if it means she gives up the goodies she gets from being a whore and actually has to sacrifice stuff for honor?

Excuse me while I weep bitter, hurt and bitch-slapped tears over being cut off from such a one.


The only reason I friended that twat in the first place is because some of the people we have in common are blind to what a whore she is. Better to cruise along without making waves than force some stupid jr high school slam book war. Which, of course, she would fricken totally get off on, the more ugliness and stupidity the better! (Oh, drama! Oh! victim! Oh! Palin-ized world view!), but I let it ride because I did not want to put my friends in the middle of some juvenile hissy fit cum clique battle. I love and respect my friends and their choices far more than that. Not everyone who I love has to have the same view and all of their other friends have to love me back. I recognize that we must allow for leeway and room for all of the folks who share lives on this pixel place. I might not agree with or approve of Ms X's opinions, or Mr Z's jaundiced bigotry, but if all were of the same mind than everyone who styles themselves a servant of elections and government and literary criticism would be out of a job.

I'm no blameless angel. I admit I cannot make room for the hateful, the shortsighted, the birthers, the users, the hypocrites, the Faux News adherents, the bigots, the prostitutes, the users and the greedy.

I'm no Jesus. No Gandhi. No MLK.

I am an ordinary sort. Full of my own prejudices and opinions. All I can say in my defense is that I tried. I tried to give space to one who makes such a drama and a short-sighted hate fest out of the varying opinions of those who populate a supposedly free country. I tried to include in one who is both a huge hypocrite and a blind nay-sayer to those who might speak truth against their comforting, excusing, convenient lies.

In a country which claims room for everyone regardless of creed and belief, I cannot nor will not abide those who demand for themselves that which they will not extend to those of a differing view.

Make room for all or find yourself a place that only sees it in your narrow, bigoted, hateful, prostituting, self-aggrandizing, smugly narrow view.

Cuba comes to mind. As does Iran and Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

Well shed of you, you whore, ~LA

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