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12:19 p.m. - 2010-09-14
Just me.

Miss Steph asks: What did I think of 'The 19th Wife'? Overall I enjoyed it. I thought in the modern-day segments that people gave up the goods too easily ie: witness testimony, how easy it was to sneak around and get info, and too many convenient helpers. Then again I know from my own experience that writing murder mysteries is hard. So I'm willing to cut some slack there as long as the writer doesn't lean too heavily on that slack and push things to the point of incredulity. (Hellooooo Jodi Picoult.)

The segments about Ann Eliza and the earliest days of Mormonism were fascinating. I didn't know much about their history, aside from the Osmonds the only Mormons I've had any experience with are the ones banging on my door on Saturday morning. Well, in my earliest days of blogging I knew a few online but politics and the vast gap between our social beliefs made trying to carry on a dialog impossible. That "Waaa waaa waaa, I'm so persecuted and you're a miserable sinner anyhow" thing got really old. Can't have it both ways, kids. Can't demand to govern MY life and yet claim persecuted victimhood. It's a slap in the face of reason. Going around insisting you have the right to tell me how to live while weeping how oppressed you are is mind-boggling in its hypocrisy.

Though after reading 'The 19th Wife' I have a better understanding of why the Mormons poured all that money and energy into that horrible Proposition 8. It was payback, pure and simple. "100 years ago you told us how many wives we could have, so now we're going to tell you who you can marry. Payback's a bitch, ain't it?"

The Mormons and the Mafia have a lot more in common than I ever knew. Of the two I'll take the Mafia. They don't paint themselves as holy and pure and an oppressed minority while they harass people and muscle in to take over the neighborhood.

The gym was an adventure. MIL and I realized there are many more people playing 'statue' on the machines when we go at 10:00. Nothing irks me more. Use it or get the flock off! Sorry, guys, but statues is exclusively a male thing. Do they get all jacked up and turfy when they see someone who's obviously waiting for the machine and then stubbornly sit there even longer because nobody is going to tell He Man what to do? Or is it just male obliviousness? I know the guy hogging the tricep machine playing with his iPod for 20 minutes was just a clueless dickhead. Anyhoodle, MIL and I made a command decision and decided our workout time is 9:00am until further notice.

Stopped at town hall on the way home to vote in today's primary. I hate doing stuff like that in my nasty gym clothes, but I knew if I didn't stop right then as I was going past I'd probably space it and not go back out later. Funny how in many ways primaries are actually the more crucial election but turnout is so low. Except for a couple library referendums I haven't missed an election in 29 years. Say what you like about the jiggery-pokery with ballot results and the evils of Diebold, hey sometimes I feel like I'm just spitting into the wind too, but I vote anyhow. As I explained to Mick (and not just about voting) it's less about buying into the bullshit mythology of a corrupt system than it is about what kind of person I am. I'll keep up my end of the bargain no matter how futile it might be and what might happen on the other end. I am not the naf I once was, the Bush years burned the last of that away, but I still want to live well and rightly. In fact it's the only true choice any of us has. I will continue to put out what I'd like to get back, whether I actually get it back or not. So I use my turn signal, and don't yap on the phone while I drive, and hold open doors, and go about my business with a smile. Of course it hurts me that evil flourishes and the loonies are running the asylum, but it doesn't mean I should give over and join them. While I have the freedom to do so I will stay steady on just being me.

And right now being me means trotting off to the kitchen for an enormous bowl of Corn Flakes and having a conversation with the dog.


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