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11:20 a.m. - 2010-08-14
Dropping a bundle at the Evil Empire Superstore

This won't be of much interest to anyone but me, but hey it's my diary.

Went to Walmart yesterday for the first time in months. Needed a bunch of gut basic kinds of household goods and assorted odd-n-ends, a few food items and stuff, so where else to go?

We had a list but of course we added some impulse items, which is exactly why I stay out of Walmart. Well that, and how the constant screaming over the PA drives me bonkers and gives me a headache.

The whole jaunt started because we needed two things: A new exhaust window fan for the bathroom and some indoor trash cans. Our new garbage company does a very efficient single stream recyclables pick-up. At the same time they pick up the regular trash too! No more 'every third Wednesday put out the plastic', 'on the fourth day after the new moon put out the glass' and 'odd numbered Saturdays in the months with an 'R' is papers and cardboard'. I'm delighted with the new service. Two cans once a week. Wet trash in one, all recyclables in the other. Easy peasy. To celebrate we decided to reorganize our kitchen trash bins and re-do the ones in my office.

Yes, I'm easy to please. But then again flipping through the channels the other night I said to Mick, "Oh quick, change it! It's that terrible show where those mean people beat up on those poor great white sharks!" Mick laughed so hard he almost fell out of the bed. "Baby, goddamn, I love you! You're the only person on Earth who feels sorry for sharks."

What can I say except I finally understand why I was never able to fit in with 'everybody'?

So, Walmart.

The dog hair has killed my Electrolux. Not 6 months after having it serviced and given the fancy-dancy tune-up the damn thing is clogged to the gills and overheating. I've got it pulled apart, but I think it's a bigger job than I can do and will probably end up taking it back to the shop. In the meantime Mick has a spandy new Bissel to play with. I might be an odd duck, but I'm not a fool. When your husband makes the hopeful face and asks for a new vacuum, well by gum, you get him one.

So that was impulse purchase number one.

Then there were the outdoor solar lights. $2.50 each! And they had copper ones! That match the cupola and the big peace sign on the front of the house!

And it would take a far more hard-hearted and disciplined mother than I to turn down some super soft flannel sleeping pants for her kid or deny him a package of his favorite boxer-briefs just because neither of those were on The List. (Yes, Wolf is in Wyoming, but he's with me in spirit always.)

And only a fool would ignore some gorgeous workout pants and a pair of shorts that were exactly the right length and had a pocket for her iPod. (I'm taking a 2 week hiatus from the gym at the mo', burn-out was upon me. Back to the fray the day after Labor Day with a refreshed spirit and some renewed pleasure in working my bod.)

And what kind of beast would tell her hard vacuuming mate he couldn't have a dvd and some peanut butter cups?

Or some of his favorite car wax?

Or a disposable camera to take to the VW show tomorrow?

And excuse me, Pashmina Girl is not going to ignore a gorgeous silky one in a silvery cashmere-like material. Not for $5.00 she isn't.

It became obvious we needed to replace the sonic pest repellers because Rascal caught a mouse in the front hall the other night. (It had to be Rascal, those other two are worthless for pest control.) If we have mice in the house in August it's for damn sure we'd be overrun at first frost. So new sonic dealies it was.

And since the boy got new undies it was only fair that Mick got some too. Especially since I'd been lamenting recently that his choice of undershorts had gotten rather pedestrian looking, boring man panties instead of the sexier styles he used to wear in the beginning of our relationship. Not a one to miss a subtle hint like that, Mick got himself some very brief briefs, if you catch my meaning.

Then throw in all the stuff that was on The List and we staggered out of Walmart much burdened of arm and much, much lighter of wallet.

Happy as only a girl with new trash bins can be. ~LA

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