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12:40 p.m. - 2010-07-28
Mood Shift, everybody move down one.

Dream entries are the most boring on Earth, so I won't regale you with the whole thing. (I'd put myself to sleep if I did that…yawn.) However a couple of bits are sticking with me.

One was Dichroic sitting at a round table with her crowd of cool smart kids, it was the last day of school and she was reading the newspaper comics with her pals (apparently their thing, all part of the smart cool kid mystique). I stopped by the table to say good-bye and that I thought it was nice that she kept up the tradition of comic reading right up to the very last day. She started to be snitty to me thinking I was busting her chops for it (her claque chiming in with mutters of snobbish disapproval over her talking to me) when she realized I was being sincere. She got a weird look on her face- half surprised/half regretful. Surprised that I could be sincere (resident smartass outcast that I was) and regretful she'd found this out. Not regretful she might have been cold to someone who was actually decent. No chagrin over her actions. It upset her to know I might not be the awful twerp they'd pegged me for and WOW she did NOT like having her comfy world view budged. She regretted the momentary ripple in her smooth, that's all.

The weird thing is in real life Dichroic is incredibly nice, totally not a jerk, and makes room for everybody at her table. Sorry, hon. No idea why you were a bad dude in last night's cinema of the nocturnal strange.

The other thing was a much happier one. Later in that dream I had on a lovely floral print dress. The skirt had layers of crinoline sewn in the bottom third of it so it was flouncy and swingy. The dress looked something like THIS. Even now I can feel the swish of the skirt around my knees and how pretty I felt wearing it. I've never owned a Betsey Johnson dress, nor will I in the future. To quote Jim Croce I'm 'built like a refrigerator with a head on top'. I'm not a floof and floral sort of chick in real life, but happily I can be in my dreams.

Another happy thing, Wolf sat in my lap last night for a good long pre-bedtime snuggle. We both needed that, I think. He's tear-assing into adolescence at warp speed and is a little wobbly over how quickly he's outgrowing childish things. A retreat into Mom's lap for some squeezy hugs firmed the world up for him. We're both still here.

Whew! He's not too big for that, at least not yet. It requires a bit of positional origami to get him into the chair with me and his head is even with mine now so for a proper snuggle he has to scrunch down a little, but we managed okay. What I am going to do when lap snuggling time is over I do not know. Cry a lot, probably. As much as I kvetch about wanting to get out of the fulltime caregiver game, lap snuggies are the best perk of the job. And one I'm not willing to give up until I absolutely have to.

As if you couldn't tell, the uppy quietly slipped away yesterday leaving me awash in mawkish melancholy. S'okay. Like Frosty the Snowman, the uppy will be back someday.

Another downer that happened yesterday was the clutter reached critical mass. I don't know how it happened. Seemed like I took my eye off the house for just a moment and Ka-POW! It filled up with crap. Trash cans overflowed. Towels went sour. The kitchen imploded. Shoes appeared out of nowhere and jammed up the traffic lanes. My desk went from creative chaos to a slag heap of garbage. Tottering stacks of dvds on every flat surface. Random dirty dishes. Books. Papers. Socks. BOOM! Like malign magic. The Fly Lady would smack me over my head with her wand.

Mick the Hero attacked the kitchen and got it mostly back in order, thank goodness. But the detritus is still shin-deep everywhere else. So, high ho, off I go to Do Something Useful.

Tootles, ~LA

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