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10:25 a.m. - 2010-07-17
I'm Versatile, baby!

I guess the reward for being the one left standing when the music stopped is getting TWO of these…

Which is humbling and extremely cool, but it also leaves me in the awkward position of having only one person to nominate because everyone else has gotten it already. My people are also their people, if you can dig that. Incestuous bunch we are, and I mean that in the nicest way.

So, "Tag, you're it!" Dichroic. And if we can all budge up a little and make room for my dear friend I know you won't regret it. Simply put, Dichroic defines versatile blogging. Knitting, foreigners abroad, engineering, books, damn fine poetry, food, rowing, space travel, jewelry making, social observations, and occasionally waxing rhapsodic about purses, can one really ever ask more from a friend and her thoughts? No.

So get thee to her place and be prepared to enjoy the diversity.

Now about the fabulous babes who gifted me with this lovely goodie…

Terri reached breakaway speed from D-land a while back but not before posting an astonishing memoir portioned out over a few months. A memoir which was one of the finest reads I've ever gotten from a blogger. I'll ask if it's okay to post a link back and direct you where to go in her D-land archive. *Update: You can read her stuff HERE. At her current blog she's still all about the good reads, though these days they're written by others. A most reliable and satisfying source for book reviews (and snippets about Life in general) checking in with Terri is always a pleasure. Besides, as she put it once, I'm married to her husband's brother from another mother. She's been with her Dudley Doo-Right for 45 years and I've only been with mine for 3. She learned the knack for being happy and strong in love with her upright uptight (but heroic) man and I take notes.

What can I say about Poolie that will make you understand the gigantic heart, generous soul, and wise teacher lurking beneath that licorice bucket on her head? There's some image-conscious selfish folk out there who can't unclench their sphincters enough let Poolie's light into their lives and they stomp off muttering about Poolie's supposed 'weirdness and foolishness', but what they fail to see is that nonsense does not equal NO sense. Pity them, please. If not for Poolie's sake then for mine because the nay-sayers at her place make me want to hit them upside their pointy narrow little heads. As for the rest of you guys, grab a cold drink, loosen your belt and settle in to laugh until it hurts.

The other rule of engagement for being named a Versatile Blogger is to tell seven things about yourself. Toughie. Since I've spent the last 10 years yammering on and on about everything from my horrible childhood to my issues with barbering body hair I don't know what (if anything) there is to say. I'll try.

1.) Being Wolf's mother has made me into a far better person. Because of Wolf I've had to open my heart and become tolerant, kinder, and draw on reserves of patience I never knew I had. I had to redefine what 'normal' is and pretty much do away with that concept entirely. In learning what I needed to so my son would be okay with himself the lesson spilled over onto me and I ended up being way more okay with myself than I ever dreamed I could be.

2.) Also because of those expanded boundaries of thought I'm okay with contradictions and mysteries. I don't need answers to everything. Sure, I wonder about a lot of things and am curious as a cat, but am truly fine with the idea I might not ever find out the answers.

3.) If forced to make a choice I'll take air conditioning over having heat. I'd give up my furnace, but never my a/c. This isn't the bragging of one who'll never come near having to do without my climate comforts. I have done without both. Being cold for a long time is wearying, but being too hot is a killer. I spend myself bankrupt in the summer to stay cool, but cheerfully bundle up and leave the heat off all day while the guys are gone at school during the cold months.

4.) Cherry-flavored anything is the quickest route to my affections. I like chocolate. Gotta have greasy burgers. I have enough peasant DNA that potatoes are nirvana. But cherries? Oh yeah. Fresh cherries. Syrupy maraschinos in a jar. Sour cherry jam. Tarts, pies, cake, soda, hell even cherry-flavored Robitussin. I am all about the cherry stuff.

5.) I have never been to my mother's grave. Doubt I ever will. At one time I fantasized about bringing a bucket of my own urine with me and soaking her rotting bones with it and then doing happy hornpipe jig on the mess, but that need faded off. She was a lousy person and an even worse mother, but she's dead. I'm not. We're even.

6.) Though speaking of bones, on my office wall is an articulated cardboard glow-in-the-dark skeleton Halloween decoration. Mr Bones is missing a foot and his glow is pretty feeble these days, but I've had him since I was 11. One of the very few artifacts I have from my childhood. Where I go, Bones goes.

7.) But honestly I'm not going anywhere. I am of this place as much and as solidly as the bedrock beneath the Hobbit House's foundation. The Hudson Valley, especially this wee slice of it that I share with 2 men, a teenager, 3 cats, a dog, and the bank, is exactly where I want to be. Need to be. I've lived away and made a marginal success of it, but this is MY place and I might travel and marvel and enjoy other places, but I will always come home. To this home.

Same with D-land. Until Andrew hangs up his blog moderator hat and moves out of his mother's basement I'll be here. And I thank you kindly for coming to this cyber backwoods to read my thoughts, and even, like today, give me presents for them.

Happy as only a girl with an award can be, ~LA

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