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5:44 p.m. - 2010-06-26
What She Did and Didn't Hear.

I have the very terrible 'Take My Breath Away' as today's earworm.

Thought I'd share in case there's anyone in need of a reason to jam a fork into your forehead or had a whim to run around shrieking, "Make it stop! Oh for sweet Christ's sake, make it STOP!!!!"

Hey, I'm nice that way.

Though while I'm here in 'Top Gun' Land, may I say I loathed this movie? For all the usual reasons- rampant misogyny, barf-worthy dialog, THE worst soundtrack ever, sure, but also because I lurve Anthony Edwards. I thought it was a total rip-off they made him wear a shirt during the volleyball game. The only time he appeared shirtless on screen was in 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'. Would it have killed anyone to have Tony's scrawny white torso out there with the oily fake baked muscle boys? I don't think so. Some of us adore pale scrawny guys. Also, if I'd been Meg Ryan and Tom Cruise killed my husband I wouldn't be all, "You've got to fly again, Mav." I'd be beating the ever loving shit out of him with a chair and then stomping what's left into a toothy puddle of Maverick goo.

Side note: After having to make out with the Two Egos Who Own The Universe (Cruise and Harrison Ford) it's no wonder Kelly McGillis became a lesbian*.

Yeah, I said that during Gay Pride Month.

*As if I truly believed one's sexual orientation was dependent upon who you had to swap spit with at work. Uh huh. (This disclaimer provided by: The Society Devoted To Protecting The Humorless From Themselves and Their Penchant For Inane Comments.)

Despite the inclusion of a 'Top Gun' quote, I want to share something that never fails to make me smile.

Though I do abhor the dearth of female killer quotes. Guys almost always get the good lines. 10% is hardly equitable.

Tonight Wolf is (probably, maybe, the father is notoriously unreliable) having his first sleep-over. The unreliable father had bitched about hauling his offspring all the way up (a whole 25 mins from here) to the water park on the morrow. I agreed to host the kid overnight in an effort to reach a decent quorum for the birthday party. I'm not crazy about this kid, never have been, I have other reasons for my dislike beyond the fact he bears a spooky, almost unbelievable resemblance to the ex at that age. (I swear! This kid is Mike's fricken CLONE.) But a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. Besides, I could have had daughters and then the sleepovers would have been endless. Spend-the-night socializing is definitely a girl thing. Why? I dunno. Any theories from the peanut gallery?

Took Princess to a local Humane Society's rabies clinic this afternoon and she was a VERY good girl. We'd been avoiding taking her on jaunts, the few times we'd had her in the car she'd thrown up, but it might be necessary to board her this summer and she was overdue for shots anyhow, so today I braved it and there was no puking. Yay! I put the windows down instead of using the a/c despite the sweltering temps figuring fresh air was better than canned. A bet that paid off.

And then while we were at the clinic I got flirted with! Me! Methuselah's mother! We'd paid, made a donation as well, and Princess got her vaccinations and I'd moved on to pick up the paperwork and collar tag from the long tables full of volunteers. The woman who did Princess's work-up was very nice and friendly. Chatty. I felt bad because I couldn't hear her for shit, between the stuffed up sinuses, the barking, the chatter of the crowd, and my own deteriorating hearing deciphering what this woman said was nearly imposs. I had to keep bending waaaaay down and asking her to repeat herself. She did, very nicely. What I didn't twig to at the time was her flirtiness and the fact that when I bent over I was providing a look-see at major boobage. The low-cut V-neck of my t-shirt went from appropriate for the horrible hot weather to X-rated when I bent over. Dur! So I'm blithely unaware of the eyeful I'm giving and the very cute woman's enthusiastic flirty response and am back in the car and well down the road before it dawns on me that I'd been subtly but definitely hit on. Totally out of practice. I've not thought of myself as a babe in a looong time, nor does it occur to me that I might ever, ever, ever be seen as attractive again.

So thanks, cute Humane Society Lady, you made my day.

Slightly but definitively ego boosted, ~LA

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