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12:55 p.m. - 2010-06-18
Not today. Or maybe even tomorrow.

Hit the wall today. Would not, could not return to the DMV for the third day running.

Nor would/could not attend bogus awards day at child's school. As much as I (and Wolf) try to behave as if this reformatory he attends is a regular, albeit a specifically focused, regular school, truth is that things like parental involvement, clubs, participatory school/home mutual admiration societies, extra-curricular activities, et all are NOT encouraged.

I also did not go to the gym or the farmer's market.

I have not showered.

Nor cleaned, cooked, mended, tended, tidied, or even made my bed.

I have not picked today's crop of ripe blackberries.

I have not gentled the kitten or reassured the dog.

I have not deadheaded the petunias.

I have not returned phone calls.

I have not done laundry or emptied the litter boxes.

I have not written anything except a couple of FB updates and comments.

I have not forced myself to slog through any of the crap I've made so essential to my safety and mental well-being.

Feels pretty damn good.

Taking the day off from being Wife, Mother, Good Citizen of the Year. ~LA

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