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8:30 a.m. - 2010-05-17
Dopey is as dopey does, Mizz Gump

The new bling is very sparkly. It's a slim channel-set eternity band. Actually a 2/3s eternity band at my request, I didn't want the ice going all the way around my finger, too delicate, and I'm tough on my rings. I tried taking a picture but it's very difficult to take an in-focus picture of my own hand. Paired with my engagement ring and my left hand is sporting a lot of rock. Not tacky 'Real Housewives' bling, but a nice respectable wedding set. The two rings ride together comfortably even though they're not designed as a pair. Mick's pretty wowed by the way they look, he keeps grabbing my hand and turning it in the sunlight to watch the dazzle. Something I think is especially funny because his wedding band is a satin finished tungsten, dull as lead, darker than pewter. I'd offered to get him something sparkly of his own but he liked the tungsten one. I've busted his chops and said it looks like a plumbing fitting. He gets the pouty face when I say that, but it's true, Mick's engagement ring was much brighter- a super shiny wide silver band, but his wedding ring is NOT flashy. Doesn't need to be, a ring does not a commitment make. His tungsten band makes him happy and that's all it needs to do.

Because I had a doctor's appointment during our usual gym time on Friday MIL and I went an hour earlier. As it was the previous workout when we went an hour later than our usual time, I hardly recognized anyone and decided that people are more regular about what time they go to the gym than what day. Doesn't matter what day we go, if we go at our usual time I'll see a lot of known faces. Not that I've made any gym buddies, but you know how it is if you're a regular somewhere, the other regulars become familiar even if you never speak to each other. I've noticed the 10:00 people are a bit less intense than the 9:00 people. At 9:00 there's a lot more post-workout grooming too. Guess more folks are heading off to their jobs at that hour. We 10:00 people are gym bums, I suppose. We do our thing and then wander off back home to shower and change. Also at 10:00 there's far fewer people doing that weird thing on the treadmill where they put the belt at the maximum incline and then hang on for dear life. Sure, do what you gotta, man, but if you can't stay on the treadmill without a death clutch on the console you might want to think about how steep that incline really needs to be.

It's not about how it looks either, I mean we all look like fools in our dopey gym attire trudging along on our trips to nowhere. Who knew Fritz Lang's prophetic vision would someday include Planet Fitness?

OUCH! I was outside just now deadheading the petunias and managed to whack my ankle bone on the edge of the stair. That shit hurts! And how dumb was that? Doing myself a damage while pulling spent blossoms off a hanging plant? Sheesh. I've made some spectacularly doofus moves while gardening before, but this one is just plain silly. Thank goodness I was never a drummer for Spinal Tap, this morning's gardening accident would have been fatal.

It's that time in my cycle when I do the early waking thing. If it goes on too long it gets awful, but a day or two is actually rather nice. This morning I woke at 5:00, came down put the coffee on, laid out Wolf's breakfast, let the dog out and was nicely surprised by a visit from the turkeys. Princess was too busy doing her morning poop to give chase so I was able to chat with the girls for a bit. A couple of the hens had turklets with them already. Wee fuzzy ones. Soooo cute.

This spring has been so on again/off again I've rather lost track of the breeding schedule for my non-human neighbors. The squirrels have been prolific, that's for sure. Those baby squirrels lurrrrve my Escort too. I can't roll without at least one baby squirrel flinging itself toward my Ford somewhere along my trip. The other day the madly dithering wee squirrel in the road was black! WTF? Had I wandered into Mirkwood and not noticed? Our squirrels are grey. Never, ever had I seen a black squirrel in the wild before. I hope it wasn't an omen of bad things to come.

Another side-effect of my early waking seems to be the inability to stay on topic, I'm as scattered as buckshot this morning. Sorry.

Anyhoodle, I must be about my biz. Can't remember right now what I was going to do, but if I get up and start moving I'm sure something will come to me. Even if nothing does I'll probably enjoy some aimless wandering, there's parts of the house I haven't visited in weeks.

Much love from your dippy friend, ~LA

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