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8:14 p.m. - 2010-05-11
On the road to Weirdsville

It's been an odd day. You know that old saw about hoping for the best but preparing for the worst? I followed that this morning. I had to take Wolf to the lab for his annual blood test, a fasting blood test, he was hungry this a.m.! I had to call his bus driver first thing so he wouldn't come all the way out here for nothing. If Wolf rode the regular route which would pass the house no matter what I wouldn't bother, only wave the driver on when he stopped, but since Art has to make a long dogleg out here just to get my kid I try to give him a head's up and save everyone the trip. If Wolf's not going in then no sense in making Art do the whole route. Wolf's first on, last off, poor kid. Something I seriously factored in when buying this place. The old house was a scant mile or less from most of the district's school buildings and if necessary the boys could walk. But living out here in East Armpit means one long haul to the schools and now that Wolf goes to a different campus altogether the trip is even longer. So to forestall a useless trip it means calling the bus garage, rather than the driver himself (district policy), and they don't pick up the phone until after the buses are already rolling and they don't have voice mail where I could leave a message the night before. Timing is critical.

What a polite and thoughtful mommy, eh?

I packed Wolf a breakfast to eat in the car afterward, the lab is just down the road from his school. Stupid to come all the way back home to feed him. To go with the healthy stuff I added a Hershey bar, a reward for the starving and for being brave about getting jabbed. Which he was, but I'd have probably given him the chocolate anyhow, it was a good morning for a Hershey bar with breakfast.

I'd also given MIL some warning and arranged to meet her at the gym an hour later than our usual time, just in case this business at the lab took an eternity. But of course we were in and out of the lab quicker than quick and not only was Wolf bled, fed, and then dropped off at school before he'd missed more than homeroom and the first 10 minutes of English, I could have made the usual gym rendezvous no prob.

With time on my hands and mad money in my pocket (a gift from MIL) I tootled off to Malltown intending to hit Payless to check out the new season's sandals, but AC Moore was singing a siren song and I swung into that plaza instead of the Payless one. (Hey, I don't call it 'Malltown' for no reason, at last count there were FIVE major shopping clusters besides the actual mall itself just on this one 2 mile strip of road.) I got myself some rather unusual (for me) art supplies, I've been hankering to try new media, and some jewelry findings and a new pair of ear threads.

Also stopped into the dollar store and came out with some new placemats. Since I've sworn off buying any new dishes (my china closet and sideboards are stuffed and groaning) I've moved my weird obsession with tableware to linens. I've gone goofy with the tablecloths and placemats. Always inexpensive goodies, table linens can get very pricy and we're far too sloppy of eaters for me to risk the high end damask stuff. But $6.00 worth of new funky paisley cotton placemats do me just fine. They'll jazz up the table and if they become too stained and won't wash clean, I won't be too heartbroken. Heck, it would be a great excuse for buying another set of new placemats.

At the gym I found out I can't always up my speed on the treadmill as I have been with each workout. Today I had to scale it back some due to a full-body protest, but I went a longer distance so I didn't feel too, too bad about not setting a new best time. I also went heavier and for more reps on the weights, I've been working on breathing through the lifts properly and it's helping a lot. MIL is rather wowed by the weight I'm doing, especially on the pec deck. I always josh and say you can't lug a set of hooters like mine around for 35 years without getting some benefit out of it. Not that the boobage really has any effect on the muscles beneath, but that lame joke always makes MIL laugh, so I say it. Goodness knows the gym isn't much of a chuckle fest otherwise, even on the best of days.

Then on the way home I got zapped with a cop behind me. If it was a Statie I'd have been fine and just gone on my merry way, but this was a Malltown local and those guys are evil and crazy. I'm not kidding, the feds actually went in and put the entire force on probation 5 years ago. Jailed a few, fired some, and put the hard word on the ones who were left. The feds babysat for about a year, cleaned out the worst offenders, but eventually the feds moved on. First thing the Malltown crew did was hire back all the fired ones and the games began again in earnest. This crew stinks to high heaven. Corrupt, violent, rape convictions on three of them so far- a favorite of theirs, pulling women over and raping them if the demanded 'bribe' of sex instead of a ticket is turned down. Scum. Scum with guns, badges, and zero morals. I was not about to let one of those guys follow me out into the sticks, so first chance I got I turned. Into a Dunkin Donuts. Which, I believe, is a first. Who ever heard of shaking off a cop by ducking into a donut shop?

Oy, the irony.

Good night, dear ones. ~LA

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