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8:22 a.m. - 2010-04-27
Let's Do Lunch.

I'm meeting one of MIL's best and most long-term friends today after we workout. Old Friend is in town for a few weeks visiting her daughter. (She lives near another daughter out in the mid-west somewhere.) The three of us are having lunch together, the choosing of the venue is already an issue of some dithering and spinning out by MIL. It's funny, in so many ways she's a real charge ahead and get it done person. Any kind of chore and she's knocking it down with zero shilly-shallying or fussing. Try to put together something involving people? Totally different gig. I get where she's coming from, she wants to make sure everyone's happy and getting what they want and that she hadn't inadvertently forced her preferences onto anyone. I used to be one of those, still am to some extent, but I've also learned to just plump down on a choice when the dithering gets to the goofy gopher stage. "After you!" "Oh no, after you." "No, I insist, after yooooou!" Right. It's fricken lunch, not a shuttle launch. Let's just go to the diner.

I do hope Old Friend is easily deflectable. Over time I've become quite clever and subtle about changing the subject when discussing my past. What's to say really? Had a shitty childhood. My parents are dead and I'm glad about it. Never finished college. Like a schmuck I stayed in a shitty marriage for a quarter century. I have two weird kids, one of whom doesn't talk to me. Feh. Let's change the subject, shall we? Please tell me more about your garden, I'm fascinated, I never knew you could do that with begonias.

Talking about myself is mostly reserved for this doink corner of the cyber universe. In RL I much prefer to hear about other people's stuff. And I'm damn good at making it go that way.

In other news my night world has been sad and filled with restlessness recently. Not wonderful, but still a nice change from the usual beheadings and shit. It feels like my spirit is hungry for something but not sure what it is. It's along the lines of those times when you root through the fridge and the cabinets looking for something to nosh but nothing seems quite right. Heh, my soul has the munchies.

Speaking of food things, I have had it with my stove. It's only 7 years old, but it's been cranky and falling apart since the beginning. I bought it because it looked right in my vaguely retro kitchen and because it could be easily disassembled for cleaning. However the build quality is very poor and there's always something broken on it. I've decided not to sink anymore time or money into repairs and just gimp along with it until I can buy a replacement. Probably around Memorial Day, the appliance sales are usually pretty good that weekend and by then we'll know if Mick is working summer school.

There's some debate about whether there will be summer school this year since the local school districts are all going nuts with the whopping budget cuts from the state and are making wild and rash 'money saving' decisions that make no sense to anyone except the panicky administrators and that jerk governor in Albany. Take Mick's district- they've laid off all the full-time aides, 27 teachers, cut out speech therapy and all the remedial reading programs, and carved the elementary special ed department down to a single teacher with one part-time aide for 43 kids in grades K-3. Brilliant! But, the renovations to the football field and training facility continue apace, as does the new landscaping, the new parking lot lights, and over the summer they'll be installing security cameras throughout the entire campus.

Fabulous! Such stellar priorities! By all means, let's dude the joint up with pretty flowers and make sure the football team gets their new sauna. Who needs kids who can read properly when there's nicely steamed football players and the administration can ogle the girls' locker room with those 'security' cameras? My goodness, it's not like the schools are there to teach or anything. And why waste any money on those gross special ed kids anyhow? It's not likely that too many of them will be playing football in the future. Or maybe they will, since none of the kids coming up in the next few years will be able to read anyway.

Angry much, LA?

Oooo, just a wee bit. Caught onto that, did ya?

So that's what's doing here. A case of the spiritual munchies, lunch with an old family friend and my MIL after getting my ya-yas out at the gym, contemplating the mysterious ways of educators who hate kids, and wondering if I can cram a 6-burner stove with the built-in grill into the space where my crap stove is now.

Later, gators. ~LA

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