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11:37 a.m. - 2010-04-12

I know I shouldn't be dinking around with blog entries, especially when my current WIP is going so well, but I am such an expert at procrastinating self-sabotage I'd hate to let my mad skilz get rusty. Heh.

iPod Owners!!!! I need your advice. The Mart of Wal has both the 8g and 16g iPod Nano in stock and in the color I want. My questions are: Is the extra storage worth the higher price for the bigger one? And does having all that room effect its upload and search times? Please don't confuse me by suggesting the iPod Touch. I know not from that device and it's taken me all this time just to wrestle my technophobia down to being able to deal with the Nano. I truly don't think I need more storage than 2,000 songs (especially considering my essential playlist is about 400, my music is strictly of the well loved comfort food variety), but getting twice the storage capacity for a scant $30 more, it seems foolish not to spring for the larger one. But I'm skeeered of digital music and all the fra-lahs that go with acquiring and playing it. So I truly don't know if having all that room will turn out like living at the old house. There I had sooooo many rooms and soooo much space that after a decade of random accumulation I'd crammed that 4 storey 27 room behemoth full to the gunnels and then couldn't find anything when I wanted it. I'm a' feared the larger iPod might be the same thing, you know?

So please, be kind to the Luddite and help her join the 21st century. Because honestly? If they still sold 45s I'd be buying them and playing them on my Close-N-Play.

I had one of those, btw. Because in 1969 I was one hip chickie-boo. Well, hip for a 6 year old anyhow.

And yes, dammit! I did own discs by Bobby Sherman and The Jackson 5, and I had The Archies records that came embedded on the back of Honeycombs' cereal boxes. So nar, nar, nar. I know everyone over age 43 is dead jealous. (I also know you youngins are rolling on the floor laughing hysterically absolutely gobsmacked over how ancient I am. So you just shut up, whippersnappers. Someday you will be old too, if you're lucky.)

In other news, after weeks and weeks of trying to lop, prune, and chop up the damage ourselves, we are engaging a tree service. Right now I'm scheduling estimates. As you can imagine all the reputable tree services are busier than all get out, even now so long after the storm. Which is really the reason we waited, hoping to catch folks after the initial rush. Since nothing is threatening the house or blocking the driveway anymore it seemed prudent to wait until we could get the full attention from arborists who weren't run completely ragged.

I shall hate them a little when they come with their chainsaws and wood chippers. A necessary evil though. And maybe they can save some of the trees I think are goners. If so, I will be very nice and not weep openly in front of the arborists. And will perhaps even offer cookies and cold beverages as a thank you.

Oy, enough laggardliness. If I am to continue this trend toward financial solvency I must, must, must put my unwilling ass in gear.

Best wishes of the day to you, my dear ones. ~LA

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