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10:16 p.m. - 2010-04-11
Happy List

Good things about this weekend:

A new fuzzy bathrobe. With pockets. And a zip front. Off the clearance rack.

Many musty boxes and bags moved out to the curb for Big Trash Pick Up.

A ride in a wheelbarrow.

Newly shorn and pink-free hair.

Seeing what I'll look like when (if?) I finally go grey.

It ain't half bad.

Keeping up with the leftovers and getting them eaten. I am always happy to avoid waste.

A really, really good night's sleep.

100s of daffodils.

All the laundry is done.

Using a super coupon and getting a fresh stock of Bare Minerals and L'Oreal blending powder for almost half-price.

Two pots of lavender and a pot of chives, all with healthy stems and roots.

Giving Wolf a mondo cool haircut. If it weren't for the on-my-feet-all-day aspect and being at the whim of dopey customers I'd seriously consider a career as a hairstylist.

A much tidier cellar.

Fresh coffee and a big slice of coconut cake for breakfast.

New oven mitts. Nice thick ones. Yay for safe hands!

Playing 'Trouble' with Wolf and laughing like loons.

Lilac buds.

Trimming Mick's curb-feeler eyebrows so he doesn't look like THIS anymore. Irish old dudes are fricken scary with the eyebrows and ear hair, I tell you what.

Getting my Social Security card in the mail.

Playing the bonus soundtrack cd that came with my 'Fame' dvd REALLY loud in my headphones.

Goofing with my pals at Sam's pharmacy and giving their new assistant a kind word. He was very nervous and shy.

Sitting on the stoop and watching a papa robin patrol his turf. The nest is waaaaay up in the pine tree but he was taking no chances.

Pink yoga pants, a gaudy tie-dye t-shirt, silver sneakers and no bra.

An entire afternoon with no mowers, quads, gunshots, leaf blowers or trains to disturb the peace.

A smiling dog.

Cats snoozing in sunbeams.

Money in the bank.

Finding a box in the cellar FULL of old favorite books.

LA: 17 - Stink Bugs: 1 (Darn thing scuttled up inside the storm window.)

A free day tomorrow in an otherwise heavily scheduled week.

Amassing small treasures and simple pleasures, ~LA

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