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9:40 p.m. - 2010-04-01

Of course I can function on less than 3 hours sleep for the second day in a row! And BFD this is coming off a week of early waking insomnia? Lots of people can do just fine without sleep.

Why, yes, I did wash my kitchen floor this morning on my hands and knees and did the buggardly nothing-is-what-I-usually buy shopping at three different stores today.

Yup! The kid will be getting an Easter basket with cool shit in it.

Uh huh, I remembered the coffee filters.

Yes, yes, the stairs were swept and the banister (and every stinkin' spindle) were polished.

Duh! Making lunch is always part of the day's activities.

What? You didn't rip apart the stove, scrub it, reassemble it and then do the same with your fridge, microwave, and dishwasher and finally track down and dispose of the smelly gunk lurking in the dishwasher's discharge chute? It was on the schedule, you laggards, well at least one person followed through.

So what that I've been cranky and miserable and battling insomnia by trying to physically and mentally exhaust myself and it's not working?

So what that the-therapist-to-be-named-later has turned out to be a passive-aggressive bitch?

So what that Shoprite doesn't sell Tecate? I can make do without my favorite beer of the moment.

So what that Sam's was sold out of the iPod I wanted and was finally going to buy. I'm sure Apple will get around to making more, even with the whole iPad thing going on.

So what that my house is overrun with freaky stink bugs that make splats of dark brown poop everywhere?

It's been worse.

As my darling Deb likes to quote from John Irving, 'Keep passing open windows.'

I intend to, but I'm not going to be big fun for a while longer yet, I think. ~LA

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