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2:25 p.m. - 2010-03-25
Today in boring town.

The gym. Today I did big weight and extra reps and upped my distance on the treadmill. Usually I do one of the three, but since my mood has been so foul I figured working extra hard might flush some of the grump from my system. At the very least I'd have something a bit more tangible to bitch about. For instance my forearms are all clenched and crampy. I also moved the bar on the prone leg lift machine to a tighter position and it fricken killed my quads and hams. Heh, maybe that'll learn those damn thighs of mine. The nerve of them to get bigger when the rest of me is shrinking. Okay, the biceps are getting a bit bulgier too, but since Michelle Obama rocks the buff arms so well I figured I'd emulate our fantastic First Lady a bit and not sweat sporting a pair of big guns.

I've also been a shameless pimp about raising money for breast cancer research with this pink hair of mine. When people ask about it or I catch them staring too long I hit them up for a pledge. Eh, why not? Can't hurt to ask.

Had a discussion with the ex this morning, he'd come by to check on what's doing with Wolf and to grab some of his books off the front porch. The removal of his books is one of those 'someday' things he's so good about promising and so, so bad about following through with. Anyhoodle, I realized it was the first time I've spoken to him face to face since the day after the big storm. It's still weird to see him with short hair, but since it's falling out anyhow long or short will be rather moot soon. He's got a friar's tonsure thing going. A rather apt 'do as it keeps with the religious theme, my ex sported the Jesus look for decades.

Also wrangled the ex into taking Wolf for the day on Sunday, it's the third anniversary of my first date with Mick. He's all sizzling with giggles and plans and I'm just rather numb. Damn shame, but what am I going to do? My belief in romantic bullshit has been seared right out of me. Lesson learned- hard, harsh and forever.

Yeah, I know how petulant that sounds, but it's the simple truth. My idiot belief in romance, love, and happiness has walked me off the cliff for the last time. There's no percentage in getting all bubbly and happy, it just gets ripped away and then I end up hurting way worse than if I just stay the course, do what I have to, and not stuff my head and heart with foolish nonsense. I am very tired of being a smart person who keeps doing dumb things.

Spring break starts tomorrow. Technically Monday, but after tomorrow's dismissal bell rings the guys are off until Tuesday next. No big plans beyond shanghaiing them into helping with the spring cleaning. MIL's coming over on Wednesday to help me break up branches and get the rest of the broken arborvite cleaned up. There's been some talk about going into the city for the auto show, but like most plans of that sort it'll probably come to nothing. I'll be satisfied if we get the dog bathed and the living and dining room floors washed.

And that's about it. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

Un-newsworthy, ~LA

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