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7:13 a.m. - 2010-03-22
It's a start.

Unable to bear the tension of waiting for the vote I plugged in a movie guaranteed to help me fall asleep ('Young Sherlock Holmes') and begged my brain for a dreamless night. I'd face the news in the morning, be it good or bad.

And it's good. Will it work perfectly straight out of the gate? No. But what does? Will there be glitches and heavily hyped horror stories about failure of care or someone being lost in the system? Of course. Faux News will have fodder for years to come. They will gleefully cover every healthcare misstep and fumble as they conspicuously have NOT said a single thing EVER about those who've already suffered and died for lack of health coverage or those who were dropped by their insurers for actually having the temerity to become ill. When people die without insurance it's 'wonderful free enterprise', if someone dies in a government snafu (or something twisted by them to look like one) it'll be trumpets from rooftops that government assisted healthcare is a failure.

I'm ready for that. I am ready for just about anything now that I do not have to live with the shame of knowing a majority of my fellow citizens and their lackeys in DC were truly that wretched, so incredibly ugly and angry inside that the very idea of offering a hand to someone in need was beyond their capability as human beings. Their very souls so shrunken and selfish as to insist they bear not the least bit of responsibility for their neighbors. That a country wealthy enough to stockpile nuclear weapons, run two wars, and pay the CIA and private firms to torture human beings, was too cheap to spend some of that largesse on something as basic and necessary as health care.

Yes, it's that simple. All the screaming about death panels and tea party bushwa over the role of government and freedom was never anything more than the smokescreen generated by those too selfish to care and too craven to admit they simply do not have the heart or spirit to do anything for anyone but themselves. "I got mine, buddy. Fuck you."

For now though, for this morning anyway, I will simply be glad. Glad I live in a country where decency won for once.

That's all. ~LA

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