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8:33 a.m. - 2010-03-11
Sneezing in the breeze.

Greetings from The Booger Queen!

The world (my piece of it anyhow) is still 3/4s covered with snow. Aside from the crocus everything still looks asleep or dead. And yet…the spring allergies landed on me yesterday with rib hurting sneezing fits, itchy eyes, faucet nose and a gorgeous case of hives. Not having to be anywhere until an evening appointment to get the taxes done, I popped a big gun Sudafed and promptly tumbled into a coma. Slept the entire morning away and was still wandering around in a daze when Wolf got home.

Obviously if I want to function I can't be doing the good drugs, so last night while we were out I got a box of the weakest decongestant tablets I could find. I try to buy the least amount of any med, you know, regular strength and symptom specific anyhow. I know the decongestant won't help with the hives and itchy eyes, but it's my nose that's the real bother- running and stuffed up at the same time. I figure if I can breathe okay and not drip snot all over the gym then I'm doing good. I'm no beauty when I go to the gym at any time so hives and watery eyes aren't going to make me look much worse.

We got some very pleasant news from the H&R Block guy about the size of our refund, so to celebrate we toddled next-door into the Italian joint and ordered ourselves up a feast. Calamari appetizer, pasta and chicken for me and Wolf and Mick had a calzone the size of a hubcap. So you see, even though I had the week's menu planned out, stuff happens.

After the gym I have a bunch of errands to run. This time I will be bringing clothes to change into. Less from vanity's sake than from not wanting to spend the rest of the day in my sweats. They hang off me like MC Hammer pants and are too poofy and floppy to deal with outside the gym. I'll spritz myself up and put on my jeans before traipsing from one end of Malltown to the other taking care of my wickedly exciting errands like dropping off paperwork and refilling meds. Yeah, that's right, there's probably some grocery shopping and taking my jacket to the cleaners too. Because this hip cosmopolitan lifestyle is just the way I roll, baby.

Damn shame about Corey Haim. Not entirely unexpected, but I always hope these drug addled actors can pull themselves together and get past their messes as Robert Downey Jr has. But then again Corey Haim didn't have Downey's drive or talent either. Downey begged the judge for permission to go to work every day while he was in jail, for Pete's sake! If I remember correctly the judge let him too.

Wolf is so funny. He's frienemies with the 7th grade's other cool dude. Wolf and Kota are in a dead heat when it comes to clothing, accessories, size of entourage, and attitude, but Kota has the edge at the moment by dint of his punky shaggy hair. Hair with wicked cool blue stripes. I offered to gussy up Wolf's hair with some bleaching and funky color(s) and he leapt at the offer. Hey, I'm about the last mom on Earth who'd object to weird hair experiments. If the kid wants to try on some punk I'm down with it. I did ask if he could deal with Kota calling him a copycat and Wolf scrunched up his face and said, "Mom, he's the copycat, you did it first." That cracked me up. True though. I wasn't much older than Wolf the first time I dyed my hair green. Though that was a St Patrick's Day stunt gone horribly wrong. Food coloring is a lot harder to get out of hair than you'd think. Nor can I claim to be a pioneering punk, by the time I was in college and regularly dying my noggin the colors of penny candy punk had practically gone mainstream. Okay, not in Texas where I was sadly marooned, but it was in places that can claim having actual style. If lifted bodily from my purgatory in Brazos Co and plunked down back home in NY nobody would have batted an eye. In fact they didn't. The summer I went home to stay with my folks while Mike went off to the marine laboratory I landed a job right out of the gate, even with a lavender buzz cut and enough metal attached to my head to always lean toward magnetic north.

Time for me and my hives to pack up for the gym. ~LA

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