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10:51 p.m. - 2010-02-21
Another Chickenhawk Flies the Coop.

My hair is mown down, but I couldn't deal with bleaching it today. Sounded good this morning, but after taking on Malltown's insane Sunday traffic and getting a bit kerfuzzled at Sally's (too much product, too many conflicting answers from the clerk), and then hitting the hippie store and having the girl count my incense- each and every stick, I got back home and realized that applying sizzling smelly stuff on my head, and then frying it with the blow dryer for an hour just wasn't what I wanted to be doing. So I'll bleach it tomorrow after the gym. I imagine that'll be better anyhow because the bleach makes my poor scalp super tender and itchy (think: trying to scratch a blistered sunburn…YOWCH!) and getting my sizzling scalp all sweated up at the gym less than a day after the bleaching, no. If I do it tomorrow my head will have a chance to heal up before I go back on Thursday.

Why do it at all if the process is so arduous and ouchie? Vanity. The same insane vanity that makes some people climb Mt Everest. Climbing Everest is basically an arduous ouchie nutty thing to do to one's bod just for the pleasure of being admired for having done it. And frankly, hair bleaching is far less expensive, doesn't need sherpas, and is rarely fatal. So, nyah.

I know I don't speak of politics here very often anymore, but having just read Michael Smerconish's resignation statement I am a bit angry. Okay, so you left the GOP, Mike, good on ya. I've read your stuff for years, mostly as a way of raising my heart rate and blood pressure instead of doing aerobics, but every once in a while you'd say something I agreed with. You are just the latest GOPer to have defected. For a few years now I've watched people bolt, wander, or sheepishly slink away from the Republican party, always the people who had some class, some brains, and a bit of decency going for them. The Buckley, the Goldwater, and the Rockefeller crowd, those cats who got partway through the Bush years, saw the phenomenal mess that was made, and started defecting in droves. I might not have agreed with those folks much, but I could respect their original choices as they seemed based on thinking things through and genuine belief in those policies being to the good of all. So when all the smart people, all the people of honor, the people with a longer view and even occasionally some ethics leave the GOP, who's left?

What I also want to know is why aren't you staying to fight? To wrest your party back from the hootin', hollerin', hypocritical Jesus shoutin', flat earthers who've hijacked it? Granted the GOP was never the big tent party it claimed to be, always primarily white, Christian, and mean, but today's tent? If removed from over who's left inside and it started raining brains ain't none of them would get wet. So instead of being quitters why don't you guys fight? "Oh boo hoo! The GOP isn't me anymore. Heavens, no! Never a Democrat! I'm an Independent now." Well goodie for you. And who are you going to vote for, hmmn? The dreaded Democrat or whatever loony gun totin' yahoo the dregs of what's left of the GOP put up? Because those will be your choices, Mr Independent. Now that you and the rest of you cowardly twerps who cultivated the brain dead vote all these years, getting them all riled up and claiming people like me were taking America away from them. Playing on their insecurities and paranoia and knee-jerk victimhood. You let this malignant hateful traitorous genie out of the bottle and frankly it's your fucking mess to clean up.

But just like the economy you trashed, the environment you fouled, the rollback of civil liberties you encouraged, these fruitless wasteful wars you guys started, you made the mess that is today's Republican party and aren't you just the precious little Independent thinkers now who are just too, too fine to get your hands dirty? Suck it up, Smerconish, Medved, and rest of you defectors. Suck it up and for all our sakes get back in there and clean it up!

Thanks, ~LA

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