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1:15 p.m. - 2010-02-05
Here we go loop-dee-lye.


Have you seen this woman's brain?

If so, would you please escort it home and make sure someone is there to watch it and keep it from wandering off again?

Thank you.

I am shocked and amazed and very, very grateful to be here in one piece. I am having the stupidest day ever. According to the doc I have bronchitis, but really I have instant onset dementia. Can't believe how many things I flubbed so far and it's only 1:00. Somehow between here and the doc's I lost a $20 bill. I got all turned around trying to get from one side of Malltown to the other and ended up almost where I started before finally stumbling onto the correct road and going in the right direction. I screwed up at the ATM and hit 'fast cash no receipt' when I wanted a larger amount with a receipt. I called my pharmacist by the wrong name, this though I've known her for 8 years and she was wearing her nametag. I paid cash for my 'scripts when I meant to use the debit card to make up for the deficient cash I'd gotten from the ATM screw-up and needed for something else. I blew right past a cop doing a jaunty 50mph on a 35mph road and I never speed. (He didn't come after me, thanks be!) And just now I almost choked to death trying to use the albuterol inhaler.

Apparently even breathing is too complicated for me today.

Today's theme song.

Dippy, dippy, dippy. ~LA

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