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12:40 p.m. - 2010-02-03
Snow? Fie on snow!

None of us got what we wanted. Mick's district was open as usual. So he was ticked off. Shoveling the driveway and clearing off the cars at 6:30am was not part of his day's game plan. Wolf's campus had a 2 hour delay, thus shooting down my 9:45 doctor's appointment. Sorry, but I wasn't about to head out and leave him here alone to get on a bus that may or may not be coming. It's not unheard of for a 2 hour delay to morph into a snow day. After rescheduling my appointment for Friday, the bus showed and off Wolf trundled mad as hell over the delay causing the cancellation of the monthly fancy breakfast hosted by the students of the culinary school over in the vo-tech high school. It's an earned reward and highly coveted. Only the kids with the best behavior and grades are invited and even among them there's a lottery to choose who gets to go. Wolf made it and to have it yoinked out from under him for a stinkin' 2 hour delay…sheesh. I did get into the village to get the paperwork I needed, but was/am too aggravated to take on the county, especially the DMV. So, feh. Here I am, home again grumpily sipping coffee and trying to let the antics of the birds digging into the freshly poured pile of seed outside my window cheer me up.

I know, in the grand scheme no big deal, but I've always maintained it's easy to be a hero when the house is on fire. It's when all the little things pile up that it becomes difficult to keep one's sense of humor.

Though one thing I'm finding mighty humorous is what a cliché I've become. Whoo! After a lifetime of being an involuntary outsider I am finally one of the gang. Just another late middle-aged old bag who joined a gym after it was really too late to do much about the sags, bags, bulges, and droops. But I go and do my thing anyhow.

Actually now that I think on it I've done a whole bunch of clichéd shit. Red sports car? Check. Ill-timed new baby when the other kid was mostly grown? Check. Mid-life divorce? Check. Boy toy? Several. Crisis of confidence with requisite career change? Yup. Radical new hairdo? Check. Wow, except for the mysterious new husband who turns out to be a serial killer I've done everything on the Lifetime Movie plot-wheel. Oh wait, I haven't gone back to school yet. Maybe next semester. (*snort*)

Of course there's always rehab, but since I'm not a fading Z list celebrity I think I can skip that one. That and the tattoo. After the horrible experience with the henna tat last summer I am absolutely sure I'm not wanting any body art. If I die in a plane crash they can identify me by my dental records, not by my ink.

Hey, anyone liking the 'improvements' on Bejeweled Blitz? I am underwhelmed and so far have gotten my high scores sans helpers. I find them a distraction.

Distracted. A good word for today. Distracted and grumpy.

I'll shut up now and take my bad mood elsewhere. ~LA

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