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8:31 p.m. - 2010-02-02
Even remembered to use the coupons!

Tomorrow is going to be a running around day. Dr's appointment, village hall, county building (clerk), county building (DMV), possibly the pharmacy. Today is just the bank and Shoprite. Taking Wolf with me, he's actually a great grocery shopping partner. Wolf is good for bouncing dinner suggestions off of, he doesn't cop out with, "Whatever you want to cook is fine." Plus since he makes his own lunch most days it helps to have him on hand to pick out his own lunch supplies. As much as I enjoy kvetching about his move into being an adolescent, some things have gotten a whole lot easier. Like lunch making. He likes being in charge of producing his own lunch. I hold the grocery store veto, but he truly doesn't pick out much crap. Win-win. I'm off the hook for lunch making and the kid feels good about doing for himself and enjoys the autonomy of choosing the day's lunchbox offerings.

One thing he hasn't really pushed for yet is doing away with an official bedtime. Even on weekends he asks if he may stay up later instead of just assuming it's okay. I can't remember when I stopped having an official bedtime, I'd always been allowed to read in bed as late as I wanted to so escaping to my room was a pleasure. A curfew? Yeah, I had one of those until the day I left home. Funny how it was okay to work until midnight or 1:00am and walk home, even on school nights, but if I was out on a date it was be home by 11:30 or die. Apparently it was just fine if I was abducted and raped or plowed over by a drunk driver as I trudged the 2 miles home in the middle of the night after my shift, but staying at a party or a dance for an extra 10 minutes was a mortal sin. Screwed up priorities, much?

I'm a bit leery about taking on Shoprite this afternoon, Tuesday is Senior Citizens day. Slaloming around coots with carts ought to be an adventure. Old ladies can be bad, mostly because they move slowly and tend to backtrack, but it's the busloads of coots from the old coots' home who are the real problem. I'd be happy to give up an entire aisle's worth of offerings if it meant Shoprite spread the remaining aisles out so carts could pass each other more easily. As it is there's barely enough room to get past each other if two carts are coming from opposite directions. And that only if no one is at a dead stop mooning around in front of the pasta taking 4 hours to decide between ziti and rigatoni. If someone is clueless enough to leave their cart in the middle of the aisle instead of shoving it tight against the shelves then nobody is going anywhere. And since coots are notorious for leaving their carts parked broadside to the traffic lanes and are oblivious to throat clearing, polite nudging, or even "Yo! Old dude! Move your fucking cart!" I expect today's grocery run will log in some serious overtime. But our cupboards are bare, bare, bare. Mom no shop, fambly no eat. I know it sounds like poor planning on my part, but Shoprite gets cranky if you pay for stuff with Monopoly money and there wasn't any real money in the bank until today.


And we're back! No too, too bad considering the day and it's starting to snow. We beat most of the Donner Party shoppers. I'll admit I feel a small click of panic in the back of my throat when faced with a coming snowstorm and the thought I might run out of essentials (smokes, booze, Cheetos) before we get plowed out. But the goofy disaster shopping done by some folks is sooooo wacky. Mega-packs of toilet paper, 14 gallons of milk. Nutball stuff. I always think, "Dude! It's not fricken Siberia. At most it'll be 4 hours before the plow comes through. You really going to go through that much milk and toilet paper in 4 hours? What? Are you going to make a homogenized vitamin D fortified ice rink in your backyard and then wallpaper your house with Charmin?"

My guys are out in the living room doing a Snow Day Dance in hopes of scoring a day off tomorrow. I suppose I should join them in a show of solidarity, but honestly I'm wishing for no snow accumulation at all. I just want to run my errands, go to the doc, and get all my niggly paperwork out of the way so Thursday I can go to the gym and tango lessons free of any other obligations.

Good night. ~LA

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