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9:05 a.m. - 2010-01-26
Boiled, Bruised, and Bare Faced

I suppose in a cosmic balance sort of way it makes sense. Doesn't make them any more comfortable to deal with though. My mostly acne-free life is put paid by my getting an enormous painful boil in some dreadfully inconvenient place every few years. I have one now, and no, I am not discussing where it is nor will I be going on about it beyond mentioning it this one time. The truly odd thing is I was thinking the other day that it had been quite some time since I'd gotten one and hoped maybe I was done with them. Ha ha on me.

I also have a big bruise on the inside of my leg by my knee. It's from the gym, I figured out that much, but I can't figure out which piece of equipment is the culprit. And why only on one leg? If it's is a pressure bruise shouldn't there be a bruise on the other leg too? Something I got from straddling the leg press or whatever? It can't be a mounting bruise, there's nothing at the gym I climb onto and dismount like a horse. I'm off to PF in a while and I shall be watching out how I sit and which machine might be marking up my leg.

After the gym I'm doing something kind of brave for me. I'm going to Sam's in my workout drag. Sloppy yoga pants, droopy sweatshirt, no make-up. I refuse to haul all my make-up and a change of clothes and get all gussied up just to go to Sam's for Wolf's meds and a gallon of milk. It's absurd. Nor am I such a silly vain cow as to be in Malltown to workout then drive all the way home, get all fixed up and then go back out to Malltown to do my thing at Sam's. Yes, PF has showers in their reasonably clean locker room and if I were going straight to work from there I'd wash and change into proper clothing and do my face, but a quick trip to a store? That's just silly.

Who am I going to see at Sam's that I need to impress? If I run into someone who loves me then it doesn't matter how I'm dressed, and if it's someone who knows me but isn't fond of me then why should I care what they think of my blotchy bare face and messy workout togs?

Amazing and more than a bit sad it took me 47 years to reach this kind of equanimity.

This morning's earworm. Nice.

Outta here now, ~LA

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