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11:16 a.m. - 2009-12-25
Giving Gifts and Thanks

Where to start? My usual way is work my way in, saving the best for last. I do it when opening presents (if there's a bit of foreknowledge about what to expect). I do this with house chores, getting the nastiest out of the way first so I have the pleasure of doing something easy and pleasing to the eye last, and can step back and admire the gleam. I even do this with food. Nibbling around the edges down to that last perfect bite of a sandwich or a steak. From bottom layer to top outer corner with a slice of birthday cake so the final forkful is almost nothing but frosting.

But there's no building up to this, it's too perfect.

Santa brought Wolf a Wii. The summit of Everest, the apotheosis, the present to end all presents, and the look on my son's face when he tore the wrapping away to reveal that long hoped for but never seriously believed he'd receive game console…WOW.

Mick and I beamed at each other and then turned back to Wolf who was still sitting gape-mouthed, so surprised he couldn't even peel the rest of the paper off. Next to me on the couch I felt Mick give a big sigh of contentment. I nodded and whispered out of the corner of my mouth, "This is what makes it all worth it, yes?" He snaked an arm around my shoulders and gave me a hug. "Thanks, Baby. Thanks for giving me a son to love like he was my own."

Best. Christmas. EVER.

Wishing all of you a day of joy and peace.

Love, ~LA

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