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12:50 p.m. - 2009-12-10
My Home is Trashed

This is me trying to deal with the loss of my boon companion diary. I foolishly deleted the images that made my template work and don't have them stored anywhere else that I can find. I went through every goddamn file in my documents last night looking for them. I had a friend install this template seven years ago and don't know where she is now or how to fix it on my own. I'm ashamed and feel like a complete jackass.

All of this happened because a few weeks back some nosy jerks came barging into my diary and my FB life uninvited, unknown, and completely unwelcome. I realized that while I have nothing to fear, my loved ones did. THEIR lives shouldn't be dicked over because I keep a blog. So I deleted my archive. Locked down all my venues and did the best I could to establish some reasonably secure boundaries. Bored out of my skull while spending more than 2 weeks deleting over 2,000 entries one at a time, I was delighted when I discovered deleting the pics was a snap. So idiot me just went nuts and deleted everything except two pics, not twigging that in my spree the template got deleted too.

I am furious at the nosy idiots. I'm mad at myself for thinking the rest of the world would treat me with the same discretion that I give others.

So that's the story.

A whole bunch of stuff happened while I was gone, but I'm too sad over this whole mess to do more than cry and gnash my teeth over how screwed up everything is, online and off.

I can't find a new template that works. Nobody designs for D-land anymore and I am (obviously) an HTML retard.

All this because some intrusive strangers with no manners and even less class thought they were entitled to barge into my online life (thus into my 3-D life) and basically raid my fridge, run up my phone bill, and demand I entertain them while they were plopped down on my couch with their feet on my coffee table. And had the gall to insist I should be thrilled they were here.

Before all the suggestions come in about setting up in other venues, I will tell you I tried. Over these last few weeks I sincerely tried. Word Press. Xanga. Blogger. I hated them all. I really don't see the appeal at all, especially WP which so many others seem to think is the be all end all of blog sites. The templates are clunky and boring. The entry submission process is weird and rather mystifying. I truly gave it my best shot, but hame is hame and D-land is hame to me.

Template advice appreciated. Uninvited snoopers, trolls, and others bent on making my man and son pay for my 'crime' of daring to keep a blog…go to Hell.

At a loss, ~LA

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