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8:37 p.m. - 2008-09-15
Had enough dumb yet?

Things you never hear:

"Actually my mechanic doesn't know any more about my car's fuel injection system than I do, that's why I go to his garage!"

"You're using that architect for your house? But he graduated near the top of his class! How elitist! Me? I hired Joe Gobnik, he did a correspondence school course he saw on a matchbook cover. My kids' bedroom ceiling fell in, but I could really relate to him."

"My dentist? No experience whatsoever, but damn she has great hair!"

"That wedding caterer made pancakes at the firehouse breakfast four times? Wow, gotta go with her! That Gourmet editor chick can take a hike. Huh. Miss Fancy Pants with all her degrees from the Cordon Bleu. For my wedding I want firehouse

"My doctor grew up near Johns Hopkins so I know he must be the best surgeon ever!"

"Billy's teacher keeps changing her answer about what 5+5 equals, but boy howdy she's so smiley! My kid's future is in great hands."

"I had to fire my investment manager, with all his talk about 'options' and 'margin calls' and 'growth potential' he made me feel like I didn't know as much about the stock market as he did! Not going to stand for that."

I don't need the people I hire to run my government to be folks I can 'relate' to. In fact I want them to be out of my league, off the chart with brilliance. That's why I'd want to hire them, to handle the things I'd be lousy at. I want them to outclass me in areas like diplomacy and trade and the environment and understanding the delicate dance between sovereign nations. I want them to be able to solve problems, not just hit stuff with heavy things. I want the people I hire to be intellectually curious and computer literate. I figure if you have to know how to use a computer to apply for a job at Target shouldn't the President of the United States be at least as tech savvy as a Target applicant? If you couldn't get hired at Target you shouldn't be allowed to be hired to run the country.

If I want a drinking buddy then I will go to the local booze house and find one. If I want someone to be my proxy in Washington and do a great job looking out for my interests then I'm going to find the brightest most able person I can. Preferably someone who has a firm grasp of the Constitution since, you know, our nation's laws and policies are supposed to be based on it.

Smart. Able. Law abiding. Well traveled. Understands the importance of surrounding himself with other smart able people, folks well versed in their own areas of expertise and can offer a different view. I want someone who understands good government involves a bit more than hunkering down with loyal dingbats who think cows are cute.

Call me crazy but among all the skills I expect from my elected officials gutting a moose hasn't ever been on the list. Very little call for moose gutting in D.C., whereas there's a whopping need for competency and brain power.

Up with smart people! ~LA

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