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11:03 p.m. - 2007-12-01
Fairytales can come true.

Went to see Enchanted today. I was enchanted. A lot of people wouldn't be, but I'm a total sucker for princess movies. Used to be I'd give myself grief for this and call myself all sorts of bad names and dish out a huge chiding for being a rotten feminist to boot. But screw it, life's too short. I like princess movies. One cannot be cool and arty and ironic all of the time. Nor can one forever deny one's inner bent just for the sake of doctrine.

I know, I know. True feminism is about being free to be entirely myself. I shouldn't feel like I have to deny my girly stuff to prove some kind of point about being self-sufficient and strong. And who would I be proving this to anyhow? If I haven't proven to myself that I'm a whole person by now then being sniffy and scornful about fairytale endings isn't going to help much.

So to that end, I like princess movies.

I like my princess life too. As I said yesterday- I get to be smart, strong, wildly competent, butch, use every skill I have out loud in front of my guy and I still get to be a princess. Not too shabby. I don't downplay my abilities ever. There's no simpering and blowing "You big strong man, you" up Mick's ass. I never have to lower myself or be forced into fake ditziness or weakness just to keep my guy happy. Mick would hate it if I did. Unlike Mike, my Mick isn't threatened by me. Doesn't feel like his balls are at risk when I'm good at things.

Mick feels honored that such a one as me is in love with him. Tells me so all the time. How wonderful is this?

Also wonderful is my being awarded this little gem:

Darling Poolie laid it on me. So not only am I a kickass princess, I am also a snark queen.


Nighty-night, ~LA

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