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4:08 a.m. - 2007-04-03
What happened at the deli.

On Saturday we were browsing and strolling through the downtown of a formerly skuzzy little riverside city. The renaissance is fairly recent and the galleries and poshy junque stores are still cheek and jowl with ambulance chasing shyster's offices and empty storefronts. The apartments above the stores are being reclaimed too and it gave me a good bit of pleasure to see the stone lintel scrollwork sandblasted clean, the brick and mortar repointed and spandy new thermal pane windows in many of the 3-4 story buildings. A few more years and that little downtown will be boho and arty and the rents will be insane.

Thirsty we popped into a deli and I pulled a couple of waters from the cooler. I put them on the high counter and turned to nuzzle my guy's ear. The woman behind the counter was charmed and called over to her husband, "Dominick, did you see that? Such romance." Turning back to me she smiled hugely and tapped the register keys. "That's $3.27." Mr X gave my waist a squeeze and said, "Thank you." Thus letting me know he was finally allowing me to pay for something. I pulled my money from my pocket and laughed. I had a hundred and two singles. Helpless I looked at the counter-lady. She giggled, "Just give me the ones, it's fine. You two…wow. You made my day." With many thanks and shared smiles we walked out of the deli and sat down at a little café table under an umbrella to drink our water.

The daughter of the deli lady and her daughter, an adorable curly headed moppet of about 2 were enjoying the sunshine on the sidewalk nearby. The baby was bopping around, lost her balance and sat down hard on her thickly diapered bottom. She stood up and I applauded, "Well done! You are super tuff! No keeping you down, Miss Good Girl!" The mother and the baby had to laugh. I blew the baby a kiss and went back to my water.

He was looking at me with that awed face again. "You're incredible."
"I know. But what is it specifically that you're wowed by at the moment?"
"First the water and then you took the time to make that little girl smile. How did you do that?"
"Well you never tell a kid it hurts. If you applaud they shake it off and go back to exploring. You swoop in and start fussing and the kid gets hysterical. She wasn't hurt, just surprised she lost her balance. Old mom trick, because you know, I'm an old mom."
"Not many people would have bothered in the first place. And you aren't old, you're the youngest freshest most alive person I've ever met."
"And you are only allowed to say things like that every 15 minutes. You're making me goofy in the head."
"What if you do something wonderful again before the 15 minutes are up?"
"You'll have to hold it then won't you?"
"How about I hold you instead?"
"Works for me, but not while you're driving, okay?"
"It's a deal."

I'm telling you, man, we take schmoopy to a whole new level.

You'll die from a Heart Attack during Sex.

You're a lover not a fighter but sadly, in the act of making love your heart will stop. But what a way to go.

'How will you die?' at

You know, except for the dead part I don't think he'd mind this a bit. ~LA

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