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10:54 a.m. - 2007-04-02
Too Good To Be Legal.

Sound bites from a 9 hour lunch date.

"Compared to how you were 24 hours ago how alive do you feel right now?"
"Until today I think I was dead and buried."

"Nope, no ink. I used to want one, but now that it's so popular I feel like quite the rebel with my unmarked skin."
"Good, I'm glad you don't have a tattoo. It would be like putting a bumper-sticker on a Ferrari."

"I don't mean to snoop. It just happens."
"I don't mind. I like it that I have no secrets from you."

"You want to freak people out? Smile."
"I must be freaking everyone out, I haven't stopped smiling since I met you."

"I'm going to add mess to your life. Mess and noise and you don't get to live safe anymore."
"Thank God."

"Connecticut? You'd take me to Connecticut because I want to go to a flea market?"
"Of course."

"Ha! You think I'm beautiful now but that's because you haven't seen me with no make-up and bed head wearing my house grungies."
"I can't wait until I do."

"Turn around. We're going back and see if it's still there."
"You're okay with that?"
"Well, duh. If you were meant to have it then it will still be there. If not then you don't have to wonder anymore."
"Can you be any more wonderful?"
"Maybe, it's early yet."

"Rule #1- I make the rules."
"Oh God, I've been waiting for you my whole life."

"Look at this view! Isn't it gorgeous?"
"Not as gorgeous as you, but thank you, I wouldn't have seen this without you."
"What? Why not?"
"I think I'd forgotten how to look. But it's here all around us."
"Yes, and I cannot live without it."
"Why isn't this place full of people? Why aren't they here enjoying this like we are?"
"Feh, they're all at the Galleria."

"Why are you staring at me?"
"You just go on like this all the time, don't you? You talk to them and people smile and laugh and all of a sudden everything just got better."
"Yeah. It's cool, isn't it?"

"Please stop saying I'm perfect. I am most definitely not perfect."
"How about perfect for me? Can you handle that?"
"If I must."
"Oh I insist."

"I want you to understand something. Are you listening? It's important. You might have needed me to show you how it's done, to wake you up, but you don't need me to feel this way. You're allowed to be this happy all the time. You absolutely can feel this way forever. Happiness is a choice for you to make."

He cried a little and squeezed me breathless.

It's too soon. It's absurd. It's impossible. It happened anyway. So typically me, right? ~LA

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