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1:00 a.m. - 2006-10-27
Live on your computer!

I'm listening to my kid on the radio. Thank goodness for live stream. He had a pretty good playlist going then out of nowhere he plays GWAR. No offense to the GWAR fans out there, but I'm too old for fricken GWAR after midnight. Especially when I have the sound turned way up. So I called Alex.

"Good evening. WNYO."

"What IS this shit?"

"Pardon me?"

"GWAR??? You're playing GWAR?"

"Oh. Hi, Mom. No, it's not GWAR."

(Engineer in background: "It is too GWAR. Good one, Mom!")

"How could you do this to an old lady?"

"Mom! There's more people listening besides you!"

"Yeah? Prove it. You sound good though. Your voice is so deep!"

"I know, I hardly recognize myself in the playback."

"Get a few more years on you and you'll have a great career in voiceovers. You sound so reassuring, I would so trust your word about the best hemorrhoid cream."

"Mom, I'm glad you trust me with your ass health but I'm on the air here."

(Engineer: "Hey Mom! Wanna go live?")

Background scuffling noise THWACK! (Engineer: "Ow!")

"Sorry, Mom, but I'm not putting you on the air."

"S'okay, kid. I understand. Have a good show. I'll be listening."

"Threats, always with the threats. Love you, Mom. Bye."

"Good night, Sweetie-pie."

Is it any wonder I adore this son of mine?

Much love, ~The DJ's Mom

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